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Tronto. Who's a twenty goal score on the fourth line horn quist on the fourth line as well nola chari who. I loved him in boston. I know they couldn't keep him because a salary cap issues. I is that the case. Is that why they got rid of them. Who know jerry nola chari and he's going to be there. Fourth line center. Looks like at least going in him or thornton. Might switch in and out. But like i said as far as balance on that ford lineup. Man that is that is looking mighty good with plenty of offense. Common that fours link kid to chicago seemed to give up on them a little bit early. I mean i. I know they said that. Probably about a handful of prospects recently. But he's gonna fill in good. They got him at a good av and he'll be playing with menteur. It looks like on that second. Pairing another guy who came over from anaheim who's Who's having success. They feel like they got rid of every good young prospect. They had during this five year period. So just a very good lineup. But you kind of touched on it that goaltending who's who's gonna take that net and can broschi give back the playing like you once was but i guess if not they do have spencer night but it's such a fucking waste where you look if this team ends up finishing at the top of the division and if they want to make a run like they could have been able to use that cap space ten million to go. Add that one. I mean even with ten million. Maybe two extra pieces so who knows. Maybe maybe zito's got a trip up his sleeve. If spencer night ends up taking over net taking over the net but definitely a playoff team in my books and as i said a very very lethal offensive team upfront. Also just quickly declare. they resigned. He was great there last year and then the other. I won't say question mark because last year. Carver hagi was unreal. I think getting the chance to play with barkov but as long as he can kind of repeat that i don't think he needs to be a point per game guy but if he's a sixty point guy that makes a huge difference and the stats. Last year showed the dow kind of his pace. So we'll see what goes but yes playoff team from the with dog playoff team absolutely for the florida panthers embiid just to go back to noah jerry. He actually was unrestricted free agent. After the bruins he was like the bruins had this runaway five. His fourth liners was so good that they would cash show come free agents in flat. Consignees monster deals elsewhere. Make a lot of money which good for them. That's why i was pumping their tires earlier. It just seems like every year. They have an unbelievable fourth line even dating back to one when their stanley cup. Who was it was. Dan pie thornton. Who who's the other guy campbell. Soupy yeah kurt campbell. So yeah they. They do a good job. I mean this. This is probably definitely one of the most lethal fourth lines. I've been pumping all the fourth lines up. Because that was where i played. But as i mentioned a proven twenty goal score over probably Averaging twenty goals over the last three years per year a chari at twenty goal season tornquist. I would say arguably top three to five net front presence in all of the league's so he's gonna help out on that power play as well lethal. He's one of the funny nicknames in the league name horny right. I mean i know. It's like a fourth grade giggle but it's just like laugh. I was on his team every time he said it. We all think he's on the playoffs. You agree with us. Or what i do and i think spencer night wednesday calder. Whoo do you know that might be a nice little wage. Look it up for okay all right moving right along the montreal canadians. Can they repeat what they did. Last year they won stanley cup. Run lost in the finals. The tampa bay had a hell of a run but losing corey perry lost. Yes berry kotkin. The offer sheet defensive stalwart philip. Dino cost no shea weber. he's going to be out hurt. they did bring some reinforcements. David savard on christian cedric paquette. I'm sorry cedric. Paquette lost a to in the last three days. It's fucking up. Matthew perot and my kaufman got plaza. Forty five to one. I don't think they're going to go on the miracle run. They did last year. Let's go to you first on the haves well. They have a better lineup to start the season. They did last year and yet. I think that they're going to miss the playoffs. I don't i think this divisions just too strong. I got tronto making the playoffs instead of them. I'm interested to see what suzuki can do at that. First line center position. I think that that trade when they ended up getting rid of cop cop. Kimmy cut kimmy cop kimmy and getting into how do you say it caught. Like a hawk caught cod. Like the show in vegas khadka nia emmy and i think that they improved from when they ended up carolina offer. She did kotkin yemi and getting in divorce drew who obviously ended up leaving the team last year for the reasons he did. He's coming in with that fresh mindset but if you look at their wings man. They're they're pretty strong. They got caufield anderson gallagher. Who all proven guys will i mean. Caufield did a great job in playoffs to fully on the wing. I mentioned duran that armenia had broke out last year in playoffs. The one question. Mark is hoffman. Like how long is this guy going to be out. I know he wasn't ready coming into camp and he didn't pass his physical any word on what's going on with him. Basically summed it up right there. He didn't pass his physical. I mean i don't know if they put them on l. ti what he's going to be ready before the season starts but that was the last update i got but yeah he's been. He's bounced around quite a bit the last few years i think i mean i go ahead no i was. I was pretty much done. I mean evans just got that. New deal fancied pretty high on them. They think they got him at a good price but I don't know it's such a strong division. It's hard to hard to put these guys in the playoffs. The playoffs i think. I don't think it's insane for the for them to possibly get in. But it really depends on price and if you remember. Price had that amazing run in the playoffs. But he's struggled in the regular season. So i don't know if if in the end price is going to have a balanced back type season i don't dislike forwards that much like you mentioned business a lot there to fully. I was on pace or forty goals in a full season. Last year suzuki was awesome. He looked better and better as the season went on. And he's just a true. I think we'll be if not now. It will be a true number one center but no webber didn't always older but still not having him as a killer and then the dino issue in terms of having that defensive stalwarts centered that offensively. There were some issues last year but he could really play against talk lines they they lose him I have the missing the playoffs I don't think it'll be by a lot. But but they're not one of four teams from the atlantic. I agree with you. I thought it was a pretty great run hockey last year. Even if the final was kind of a dud in the end but yeah the they're not gonna be able to overcome the loss of shia web. He's just too much of a beast back. There and david is somewhat of suitable suitable replacement buddies not shea weber. So i don't see montreal. Make it in this tough division either next up. The ottawa senators last season ended. They did not qualify. They came in sixth seven teams in the north. They brought in defenseman. Nick holden and ford zach sanford via trade. The guinea dad off their cup. Odds are one hundred twenty five to one. This is a team..

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