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Great Okay so far I'm right. With you because the the feeling of, eternal joy, and bliss would after awhile I, suppose Sort of, sort of And I guess that. Sounds kind of sacrilegious it does Is? Be almost. Boring in other words you tire of it I did I tired of it because in. Certain, levels, it was exhausting, because it was never ending he no there. Was nothing but that there was. No other emotion expressed it was always joy. And bliss Wonderful Lloyd's it. Great yeah so it and I had. An idea that, it doesn't matter on? A personal. Level you know if I it didn't matter if I was there or if I wasn't. There this, light was always, going to be in eternal joined list you're. Welcome to come welcome to go Exactly And so that was just. Wonderful So and then, you. Know. And, I remember. Thinking, wow okay well all right well I'm leaving now and I kind of went, rather quickly back down the tunnel and I paused this is kind of now we're kind of, near the end of this here My. Last, little experience but there was a doorway near the end of the tunnel that, was actually near the entrance where where I came in and this doorway looked out onto space And there were galaxies and stars and, planets and it was utterly silent and utterly serene and seemed you know if you could go out and float on that forever and be kind of numbly happy Pretty much eternally and there's also central adventure to though like if you, went out there you'd become like a Voyager in the, in the, galaxy right and I kind of hovered on this doorway and another little being came up And started talking to me About what my options were at this point and through. The opening of the doorway I could hear, voices that were saying comeback Sarah What about? Vein which, is my son's name and I got very annoyed with them because I thought why, are they bothering me about my son of course I am. Aware that I'm going to be returning to my son and my body, but I could hear them kind of clamoring through the doorway and so I spoke with this little other being at, the store way and we were, talking and suddenly it was kind of, like, the, doorbell with the other world where a voice said if you pass through this door you can't come back and I thought okay well. I really don't wanna go out there right, now And so I walked myself back through the doorway came and suddenly I was back in my body I was, in a really brightly lit hospital, bed and there were all these tubes, sticking, into, man I had a respirator and my face and My body was humming. With power it was just full of electric city, but I couldn't move it at all because at. That point I was pretty much completely paralyzed And. And yet also you know I was, full of joy I had no fear. Of death I had all this wonderful truth about myself And I couldn't. Move and I couldn't communicate it to anyone At, all you could could you couldn't even write them I actually at that point it seemed like being in the hospital bed and being in, my body? And. Being so heavy was was the abnormal part you know yes, and I really didn't want to be there, for, a, moment but then. I settled into the fact that oh well, here I was and then as the feeling. Of electricity faded then I got a wonderful feeling of pain so I knew I was back in my body because it hurt And? It's understandable, considering the extent of my in how long was it before you were able to either write or talk talking took a month a month, because I? Was. On the respirator for almost that whole month because my lungs, had really been pretty.

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