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That's the one I wanted to start yet. That one's good too, man. More like up. My alley to be honest. What different like one Sifi one drama and one the duck. So whenever you're into. But those three need to be done by you. You know, what I wanna see what I honestly will probably watch before any of this is the new Netflix movie that been athlete is in. Have you seen that triple frontier? No, I want to see that tell me about it. I mean, I haven't seen it yet. So to read the ah synapses former special forces operatives reunite to plan a heist in a sparsely populated multi borders zone, South America for the first time in their prestigious careers. These unsung heroes. Undertake this dangerous mission for themselves instead of the country who invents taken unexpected turn threaten the spiral out of control their skills. Loyalties and morals are pushed to breaking point in an epic battle force bible, though. I saw. Yeah. Oscar is in this. I love this. It sounds great. Sounds like. Exactly, my kind of movie the good looking guy. Charlie Charlie hunt, hunting, whatever also. Yeah. Okay. Now. I know why you wanna watch this. No, not by this. I love like a love suffer like this. But aren't you weren't you a big like sons of anarchy? No never seen. It really know. You know, what movie I freaking loved him in? It's so old, but like one, oh one of my favorite movies back in the day. Did you ever see the movie abandoned with Katie Holmes know, what's? Do I get on? It'll be like ten times. And he's in it. He's really young in it came out in two thousand and two, but one of my favorite movies back then like in in high school, I loved that movie. And he's in it that was his big break. I think this is good. I didn't know about by others movie. Like in theaters, but triple frontier, I'm gonna watch that man clicks, good stuff. So hopefully by next week. I'll have watched that we talk a little bit about it. I went to go see captain marvel e two days ago, and how is that? Okay. Like, it's it's a necessary film because she has to come in on adventures, right? I think her and Paul Rudd are the people that save the world in avengers annual. I don't know this. But this is my my hunch my area because captain marvel is one of the strongest superheroes in the marvel universe. So they need her. You know, totally. How was breed Larsen as a superhero? Okay. We've gone over this a couple times, and the marvel franchise have a formula great lead really funny cast, and obviously like amazing CGI and all that kind of stuff, but you need to have. It's it's almost like how Pixar does their kids movies that has like half kids stuff and then half adult humor. So evernote. I kinda come together. Like that's like gardens of the galaxy does really well. Brother-in-law's brother in Thor. Like, those are those are comedies totally that are also action movies, and I would say this captain Marvel's not funny at all interesting. And it's like, it's almost like did you watch venom. I love Thome heart. Now, what does that so venoms Spiderman is part of the spider verse? But like don't marvel and Tom hardy place venom left hand, I love him too. But it wasn't funny. And I was just like you can be the serious like brooding bad ass actor, and I almost think that's what breeze like she's an Oscar winner for like hurt dramatic roles share. She's not a comedic actress. So then weight was put on Sam Jackson who is funny. But like in a weird or way, like not comedic timing way. In like, get these fucking snakes off the fuck like that, you know now again now. Yeah. So like long diatribe to sail the. Movies good? It does the thing that needs to do which is gets her into vendors and endgame, but it just was not entertaining. But I tell you what it what it does do really really..

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