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We have a clip for you, Vince. Of course, you don't want to listen to this because you and then tire baby boomer generation other great parasites of this world. You see these people down to when you came out. But they don't realize that you and your entire generation you take you take you take you give nothing back putting profits over both the people and the planet every single time for it. Two. I mean. What you want about the yes movement, which was the calculator. I think this is the best work. He's done in higher career levers love it so much. What every different version of the total Bellas Daniel and some old school bunch American drag Donyo vise like this is him. This is a combination of all of that turned up to a billion. Comes so naturally to him naturally. I was delighted to see the baby boom is getting it. After the millennials of taken so much on the show. Let's turn this around. Parasites face. He looks so proud when Donyell him of baby. So proud or he was like, I know he's just barely makes that cutoff give ten billion the XFL. Exactly. He believes everything he's saying. Yeah. He does. Yeah. Hundred percent believe that is in ring work. Great. I love the fact that he's just wearing his own clothes. Yeah. This no good toilets doesn't need to sell t shirts. No. Now, I always loved. I think it was Jericho that did that. Right. When you said he would never wear his own teasha when he was a heel because he wasn't trying to sell shit. He was trying to be a villain. And I love that. He's doing the little car that I love so much that he will not wear it. Daniel Bryan teasha trying to sell you more things. Exactly, look K K fehb is dead. But you can still do things to make people boo. You can still manipulate an audience, and it requires those little bits of of work to say, hey, I'm not going to wear. Everybody wears their own t shirt. Everybody makes them stand out. I'm excited to see him wrestle AJ. Again, I'm excited. I was I mean, I don't wanna get into uncle Allen and his political views, of course. 'cause everyone's saying that on the internet ready. I'm sure so wasn't thrilled to see him this week, especially being like Vince being like, this guy is of course, it is. But I have been I've been tiring of AJ, regardless. Like, I feel like I could do with some non AJ time. But I'm kind of site for this much now because I want to kick ass. It makes me excited to see assuming that he walks away with the win. Yes. Which you would hope what what's in store for him at wrestlemainia that makes me really excited. I feel like if we can get AJ out of this picture on it does not AJ to be out of this picture. I think there's so many opportunities for dining Brian for this down title going forward that made me really really really excited brand is just on fire. We've also got to women's title match is coming up at the rumble got Becky versus Osco, which kicked off smackdown. Yes. Red hot segment. Yes. Charlotte's involvement did not ruin it. Instead enhanced it look at that. But don't put Charlotte in that main event. Just two dudes too too late. Now, isn't it? We hope we hope. That everything is true. I'm super excited for it. Because it is I want to see from women's wrestling all the time to women who are amazing. They do off biting to prove that they are the best at what they do fighting for the title that they genuinely believe they deserve. And just who wouldn't love it that scrap at the end in ring scrap. That was like God. So good good. Even really Faso. He'll they're just to amazing restless fighting to prove the best. Exactly. Would you believe it's enough? That's what should drive every single match. Crazy crazy. That's why anybody gets into wrestling from character stamp on you to be the very best to be a champion. Yes..

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