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Of July six minutes past. The hour and of course we start with five things. To know Republicans anxious about keeping control. Of congress think it's a. Bad idea but President Donald Trump says he's willing to shut down the government over border, security issues including money for the wall Trump. Tweeted Sunday I be willing to shut down. The government if the Democrats do not give us the votes for, border security which includes, the wall a, Senate leader Mitch McConnell said, last week following a meeting with Trump. That shutdown so close to the November six midterm elections. Won't happen I'll. Speaker Paul Ryan was also at. That meeting, he said, last week the president's willing to be patient to make sure that we get what we need so that we can get. That done the fast spreading car fire, in Redding California has claimed more lives the blaze that spread to more than ninety five thousand acres that took the lives of, two firefighters a great grandmother and her two young Young grandchildren other was hope until their bodies were discovered. They were missing several people in fact remain missing about thirty five hundred firefighters are battling those flames that have destroyed hundreds of, homes more on that in a moment Oh an independent investigation report released today the more than four years after Malaysia, Airlines flight three seventy disappeared highlights shortcomings in the government's response that exacerbated the mystery but nothing new out of this the report. Reiterated Malaysia's assertion that the plane was deliberately diverted flown for over seven hours after severing communications it said. The cause of the disappearance still can't be determined and the possibility of, intervention by a third party can't be excluded officials said, Monday's report is still. Not a final, report since the plane hasn't been found Zimbabweans on Monday we're voting peacefully. In their first election without Robert Mugabe on the ballot a contest that could bring international legitimacy or more stagnation if that votes flawed about. Five point five million, were registered to. Vote for change after economic and political paralysis. During the nearly four decade, rule of, the ninety four year. Old thousands of election monitors fanned out across the country to observe the process but the opposition says it's Biased against them that despite electoral commission insurances that it will be credible, and an estimated fifty thousand gathered. Outside the Clark sports center in the village of Cooperstown New York for the annual baseball hall of fame, induction ceremony sluggers in first ballot electees Chipper Jones Jim Thome me blind the class that also includes Vlad Guerrero and Trevor Hoffman. Along with former Detroit Tigers at teammates Jack Morrison Alan Trammell with the six new inductees record fifty seven. Living hall of famers were onstage quite a sight and if you are, a Padres fan you knew what Trevor Hoffman could do, if you did not. Like the Padres, Hugh new at Trevor Hoffman could do if you thought your team was. Still in it maybe you had some hope all they had to do is play hell's bells.

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