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So. It's one of those things where I said yes without knowing what the guy was doing which career on and so I said yes and then started writing jokes on little blue cards on index cards and trying them out on people and then not knowing anything I went and found a friend of mine had like a yachting cap as a joke so I took his yachting cap and I put on like a a third rate Tux. That was from a place called. Keyser's which I think is since close. We could buy Tuxedos that a homeless man wouldn't wear with formaldehyde. And I got exactly suspiciously from. Outta and I got a cigar an asshole and walked out and told jokes and I was petrified before I went out there This is your first time doing anything like that. Yeah I mean I had been up on stage in shows and stuff like that as a as a as an actor Gary plays but this is my first time like curious CONAN. O'brien I went out on stage and I did my thing and I remember being petrified but it went well and recently I want to say about two years ago. I got a package in the mail from this woman. Who said I was the head of the pitches and I found this cassette performance by listen to it. Because I'm too afraid my God. I'm afraid because I think it's going to be. I'm always afraid that I listened to it and go like oh you shouldn't be show businessman retroactively. Everything else will go away. So how? How long did you did you. Just do the top of the show or did you do in between the two. I really liked that but I was very also aware that like man. This would the the the safety of being a writer is. It's the tension between the safety of being a writer versus But you have to deal with the frustration of being anonymous versus the glory of being on stage verses the absolute horror of it not going well so those forces are fighting each other. Yeah now you have. I mean you have what I mean to say. Yes to doing something like that. It's like a Predator natural sort of confidence that probably I would imagine that having been in this among this group of people. Doing this stuff encouraged you to feel that confidence and I'm wondering if it played out into other areas of your life like were you confident with your schoolwork down. I mean did you did it. Take away from the grind where you get your social life was an emt talk to women. Yeah yeah it. Definitely the big revelation to me is I think before comedy used to think that goodness good things could only come through pain. Just classically Catholic. But I really did believe that that suffering. There's some Latin phrase through tears wisdom. Like if you really suffer than than wisdom and Good things will come yet. I think to a degree. My Dad encourage that kind of thinking. Which is you've really got a My Dad said to me once. And he's he's a brilliant guy and a really funny guy but he he told me once if you agonize long enough ideas will come. I thought he used the word agonize positive way and I think yes. That is true kind of well. Everything's purse I mean it's partially true. Yes but you know cost. Yeah and also like Elton. John wrote rocket man like six minutes. Like great stuff can happen quickly Through just joy and inspiration so I think that's the party was leaving out and I think what was really nice for me is the idea that.

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