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Welcome back thanks for being here first a slap in the trump campaign will join me coming up in the next segment there was a very hard hitting out over the weekend put out by the Biden campaign it's long gonna play it later on in the show Biden against to judge the buying campaign basically began by highlighting what Joe Biden did as vice president and then went to a list of accomplishments of people judges mayor of south bend and they went back and forth between Biden and booted judging it was meant to really make put a jazz look like a light weight who did very little when it comes to accomplishments of importance like sidewalk renovations in helping people get Pat chips to find their missing that's more easily and that kind of thing also took a race related shot about booted judge and his record in that city which I think is a and a shot across the bow and a telegraph of what's coming in places like South Carolina where Buddha judges really struggle to catch on with black voters so when we have one Williams with us later on I will play you that entire added it was a pretty tough stuff there's a risk there's a risk and I think the booty judge people have fought back as best they can but it's really asking the question okay this guy is thirty eight years old he looks even younger what is he actually done he is the former mayor of a city in America that has the three hundred and eighth largest population and that's it he's ran for other things he lost really that might bring to put this person into the most powerful position in the world that's the subject of this out and and it's a fair critique it's just telling that it's Joe Biden you has to be leveling at this point Biden wanted to cruise along in first place and be the front runner and be in a respectable in terms of maybe first second maybe a close third finish in the first couple states and really make a big boom statement in South Carolina and it seems like that strategy could be slipping away and in the meantime is there a dream scenario emerging for Bernie Sanders because of Bernie wins tomorrow night as the poll suggests he will in New Hampshire he will say with some credibility that he has won the first two states now we don't have the final results in Iowa are gonna get to Iowa here in a second it's still a complete a bottle there but there's no questioning that Bernie Sanders won the popular vote if you will in the Iowa caucuses then let's say he wins New Hampshire he'll say I am too and now in the meantime any clover chars surging people to jettison second place Joe Biden's got the fire wall in South Carolina and you've got Mike Bloomberg waiting with all this money creeping up and up and up in the national polls all four of those people are trying to occupy the same spot they all want their own one on one shot against burning if Bernie ends up consolidating the left which it looks like he's doing warned becoming less and less of a factor and as a lot of trump opponents learned in twenty sixteen when you have a bunch of people all waiting for their one on one shot at the person who's in first place well sometimes the person in first place just wins that's the dynamic that very much help trump and it could it very conceivably help burning because if you've got momentum in your any club which are why would you drop out coming out of New Hampshire you can say I am the reliable one of Joe Biden melts down I am the senator with the record I can get elected I've done very well in Minnesota I've got all these accomplishments I've got the wind at my back if your people to judge you're saying Hey I've come in first or second place in both of these states I should be considered the leading contender against burning thank you Mike Bloomberg you're saying I've got sixty billion dollars I'll spend all of it of I need to look at what I've done in the polls that even debating these people yeah super Tuesday is coming I'm not going anywhere I am even started yet can and last but not least Joe Biden he's still in the average leading nationally and the polls look good for him in South Carolina so you you can drop out before then you're gonna have a win that could be a game changer there's a perfectly good reason for all of those people to stick around and if that continues to be the case and there's not a consolidation or are rallying around one person in the first place winner of New Hampshire and arguably Iowa with all this momentum now leading in a new Quinnipiac poll nationally Bernie Sanders he's got some running room and everyone who might try to catch and they're all elbowing in fighting each other now I keep putting these asterisks next to Iowa I'm not sure that we will ever actually know who won there is so much human error they apparently in multiple precincts did the second round of caucusing wrong results were wrong there was a long Twitter threat to buy a very smart political elections analyst over the weekend showing that in fact one hundred percent of precincts were not yet reporting in Iowa they had taken a few precincts in accidentally reported them double as opposed to having distinct discrete results from every precinct in Iowa and these were just straight up mistakes so even though the media reported yes we have finally a hundred percent in it apparently not and we still don't and those errors are still being dealt with and addressed the party has them flag but that's it there's also this amazing New York times story how the Iowa caucuses became an epic fiasco for Democrats is the inside story of what happened and man oh man there was one woman who is supposed to be in charge of a lot of the data she didn't know how to use an excel spreadsheet properly she's in some boiler room and just know how to work at then when the app crashed the back up plan that they told me was take a literal photographs with your phone of the results and email them from your phones to this email address then no one check the email address to everyone sending these photos and a bunch of them are crooked and upside down or sideways they send all these emails as their backup plan to the email address as they were told to do then no one checked it all the emails remained on open into Tuesday then all of a sudden there were seven hundred unread emails at the party was trying to sift through the whole story is amazing that brings us to Nevada the Nevada caucuses are sandwiched in between New Hampshire which is tomorrow and later on in the month South Carolina you have another Colchis type situation and there's a report in the Nevada independent listen to this headline Nevada Democrats debut two volunteers new iPad based tool to calculate math on caucus day in wake of Iowa fiasco so they have this new caucus tool that they've preloaded on these iPads they've distributed them two precincts chairs to coordinate on their caucus day and they're insisting other insistent rather that you call it a tool not an app but they're not really explaining what the differences are what that distinction means volunteer asked during this training session and this is coming up this is what on the next Saturday I think I think it's the fifteenth is the Nevada caucus volunteers gonna be using this stuff using this tool how do the results actually get transmitted the party officials said we'll get back to you correction on my part the twenty second is going to be the Nevada caucuses and then the twenty ninth is the South Carolina primary but we are getting in crunch time here it's it's soon it's not this coming weekend but the following week on the twenty second in Nevada back to the story from the Nevada independent in interviews volunteers said they received little information of the training session beyond a rough outline of how the tool is supposed to function there were also on shore how the party plans to carry out its four day early voting period which is coming even sooner one volunteers and we got very little information just a preview we were not given the program to work with or practice with all we have is a few slides so I'm not saying that this is shaping up to be another Iowa but they were gonna use a similar or the same app created by the same people that they did in Iowa now they have this new quote unquote cool that'll be on iPads and they can't really ask or answer basic fundamental questions about how it's gonna work including with the early voting which is coming up in days this call his system I mean it let's hope they pull it together or we could be in for another ridiculous evening on the twenty second so I wonder just flag that for you I hope that they can pull it together before then but the clock is ticking when we come back we will shift our focus away from the Democrats on to the Republicans and specifically president trump Mercedes slap from the trump campaign joins me after this they.

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