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I which I thought Tyler did a wonderful job exposing that I've one the point. I think Eric suggested that the conversation was a waste of time because of going back and forth in his opinion was and I was thinking to myself I self. This conversation is so useful because it exposes the this almost complete ignorance of one's own presuppositions and one's own old standards. They just take it for granted. The way I think of things. This is the way that it is silly to question. Yeah near Ny. Chris is asking is is this live the answer is yes and if you want to join go to apologize live dot com and you can join if you have questions for us now. Someone is is asking and see who was it was John Wayne was asking They must be talking about Air Hernandez no we are not but every murphy. Yeah but we. We may start talking about Eric Hernandez if we switch topics so all right so question for Eli from humble clay. What are three great books for apologetic? Okay the first one is the generic Christian answer. But I'm totally serious. The Bible. I know I know that kind of generic thing to say. But if you're not familiar with your faith you're not going to be able to adequately defend it so you WanNa know scripture scripture inside and out I really For people who are starting off because I hold to the priests oppositional meth apologetic strongly. Suggest always ready by Greg. Johnson Johnson. you can check out Scott elephants book cover dental apologetic which is on Theresa physician. Apologetic says well so there are different entry level books that you can that you can kind of be gin looking into if you WANNA study. The methodology of apologists also wait groom systematic theology. There are a lot of systematic theology. Which is out there? But that's a simple one and it covers all the basic doctrines and and if you're know you're theology well and how the different aspects of the algae interconnected intertwines you will become very sharp apologised because you'll know the relationships between one belief and another believe how it fits together and how it relates to your broader worldview. So many more but yeah yeah let me give you two. I'll give you two better ones for entry level. I think one is Jason Lyles book the ultimate proof of creation because he lays it out very. It's very easy to follow. The second one is called the fights the rights fight and actually just seeing that. There's John Malone making him read that Ah I told him. I read it in one sitting so he tried He didn't get halfway through But it's the rights. Fight is an excellent book I'm got to I was over at Jay. Lucas Church got to meet him and gave me a copy of his book literally. I started on my flight home and I couldn't put it down. I came. I'm home and just I kept reading. I finished most of it on the plane but Tyler says I can't hear Andrew just ally well that sounds like a problem that tyler has. That's good I can make fun of Tyler. All I want tyler sort sort of inherent. It sounded like he was in his car. He's probably Angela while you're working on that if people are interested on. My Youtube Channel revealed apologetic. Cy Actually really do screen. Share where I scroll through my kindle library and it's just a bunch of apologetic theology books if People WanNa get ideas as to what. What are some books? That might be interesting to them. So I don't know if this is tyler hearing can't hear me that won't be so good but Up He went out so he's probably GONNA to try to come back in all right. So if Tyler is gonNA come in and we want to switch topics to Talking about Eric Anandas for folks. Who Don't know Eric Garner and is believes in I was gonNA say now now I'm going to say it wrong because I have it mon.? Mon Molin Molin ISM instead. WE'RE NOT GONNA end up talking a modal ISM. I I have difficulty with those two words all right. So here's this is Get Danny coming in. So let's see Danny has any questions tonight. Danny looks like he's in the dark spooky and he's gone okay. This is the thing that you know. We used to have with Here's Tyler Tyler Tyler your sideways and you are driving. I am driving. Yeah he he looks the right way to me. Oh really yeah. He looked weird things here in California. Yeah yeah the weather's nice well. What's the temperature? Drove there right now. sixty degrees. Now I hate you. What do I don't know what what what do we have here? I don't even know what the temperature is right now. It's a Oh yeah he's he looks fine on That's interesting yeah. He looks fine on Youtube. So all right. He just looks sideways to me. I in California. I've often thought that you know Tyler's Tyler's theology sideways so it's fitting we could talk. We could go back to talking. Infant baptism so tyler. We were we. Were talking about the debate you you you had to give a quick synopsis of what I had said earlier and then we wanna WanNa talk to you about that debate. I thought you did an excellent zone job in the opening and as I told you I only I only watched the the openings. You did a good job explaining all of the the different views of atheism How it's changed over time? Why you think it changed to what it is? And he's he did his opening as if he didn't hear anything you said almost blew you off and it's just like oh well you know people don't really know what they're talking about you know like poison the well and the Ad Hominem right out of the gate and I was like okay okay. This isn't going to be. This is not even going to be a debate.

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