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Bus on Gerard drive near Westport road same out these police chief very Wilkerson tells reporters the boy a student Wilder elementary apparently got off the bus without the driver seeing him does stop at several locations on the street and it's usually like twenty to thirty yard increments so not sure if you got off early cheated rows you've got all this point still early to tell but that's what it this point the boy was rushed to Norton children's hospital with a head injury Suzanne Duval news radio eight forty WHAS it six SO two it news radio a forty WHAS more Kentucky ends were in line at the unemployment office last month Paul miles looks at the latest numbers Kentucky's jobless rate in August was four point four percent up from four point three percent in July that's despite an increase in the civilian labor force the state says workers enter the force at a faster rate than they were finding jobs that push the August unemployment rate up even though more people worked in August than in July the sectors losing the most jobs last month for durable goods manufacturing and professional and business services Kentucky's trade transportation and. utilities sector gained the most jobs the national unemployment rate in August was three point seven percent. Paul miles news radio eight forty WHAS we go to Capitol Hill now that's where Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell now backing a measure that would provide more funding for election security ahead of the twenty twenty vote speaking on the Senate floor the Majority Leader announced he would support an amendment that the Appropriations Committee is set to vote on I'm proud of financial services and general government.

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