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Hi everybody this is Rhonda Cobb. The money coach and we have such a special guest today. I know that you are going to love this. Show all the way from the Netherlands. Today we have Mr John Williams. He's a leadership consultant and a bestselling author. He's a season project leader with decades of experience and more than a hundred successful major projects under his about any she is so brave he admits their read a couple of failures along the way too but he's gained such a great reputation of being a pragmatic leader an I'm putting the human factor at the core of his undertakings and so he's going to explain to us today how we can do this thing thing using using his signature pragmatic leadership formula and it is now the foundation of the International Number One bestseller book in team performance on fire so without further ado to we would like to welcome you to the show John Williams. How are you today. Hello Ronda. It's an honor to be on your show. I'm fine over here in Holland. Everything is going fine so I'm very happy to be on your show. L. Estimates so nice of you to join us. I know we've got a good time zone difference but it's evening there daytime year so it worked out okay. We got it all done done a wonderful time. I I am so glad you know when you had to offer and we could get the preview of the book look on Amazon Nimble. I actually downloaded nimble. I'd never had it before so that I could get the book like I'm such to cheapskate money coach. I actually got a book for ninety nine cents or something. I don't know is incredibly insanely reasonable but it's so cool. Oughta just like John on the show so he can tell people how to improve their leadership style and when you in my opinion as a business person in a money coach when you improve your leadership style and your team comes together more cohesively he simply you cannot help but positively impact the entire organization including your profitability. Now set me the strait. Was that straight John or did. I miss it by a bit. That's exactly what it's all about. You know we can make this a very short interview because is it the the the keyword here are the key phrase here is applied the human factor and that's all what what leadership approach is about I spent a few decades you know in in product management and in business management and and what I saw that you know these days we are talking about a a project manager and the thing is in this age of it that it is a blessing but also a curse because it gives us all kinds of data that we can use and managers now have become like a kind of a bookkeeper so they are our data factor and I'm saying you know all this data. Of course you need it. You need the facts and figures but that's above above the surface but under the surface who is making sure that you get these facts configures doors are the human beings or the people that are doing the work and as long as the people doing the work. I'm not talking about the far future and we'll have all kinds of of of robots and like that but as long as human beings are doing the work they are the primary asset that you have to take care of hence the human factor instead of a data factor so don't talk about a AH business manager but talk about the project or business leader because a manager will as able to go and get ging's managed leader will reveal manage. His people are people. I think that is so true and over the years I think I had had some of those same experiences you did as I went through different. You know might different you know jobs and promotions and you you know moving into management and leadership roles and finding that people don't respond to being managed managed respond to be led and it it hearkens back back to I had a boss in point in time he's actually was the owner of the company John and he was very o n any oh syncretic and he could not stand to see a desk with paper on it at the end of the day so after everyone had gone home he would come to the building and if there was paper under your desk he would have a bit and he would write on it with a sharpie and and ruined whatever worked youths left the lagged up for the next morning rate and so he did this and I had one guy I thought that was the exact diametric opposite he had these stacks of paper and that was how he worked but if you asked him for an invoice from nineteen ninety nine he would go down the stack of paper with this fingers lift lift up where I wanted it pull out the invoice you wanted and he nailed it in one thousand and so the owner said you have to get rid of him. He's a slab. This slob knows all the computer programs of every machine. We've got in the world and he knows exactly which machine is weird. What program goes with it. I it really him. He's the backbone of like half of my company and I'm the national sales manager. I'm responsible for all this stuff so he says snow absolutely you gotta get rid of him and I said so. I just need to make the mess disappear right. Yeah get rid so his office. Cubby was on the main thoroughfare. The boss couldn't go anywhere in the building without going by that so I they moved his copy and I put him in a corner where he didn't nobody went by. It knows over six months before the owner. The company realized fire that Guy Yeah. I can understand that.

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