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They're just another white guide everywhere i wince everyone knew who i was isn't that funds in brazil cars are so huge topped your ears twice a day so they come up with this can we get a picture and i start talking yeah that sounds great in their their face changes the moment they hear my voice because in portuguese my voice is very high all of this hair interiors voices super low and my cheesed off its opposite i was like all right i just talking it was amazing with that saw hungered countries around the world just doing something that you love cars and its people that school say and honestly that's the way like that's why ebay said well you build a car or what you do for charity like all of these things happen that the 2018 camera area to build its in the toyota dissuade right it's the first time anyone's three d printed the front and rear bumpers the widebodied decide skirts everything when you get to see that car upclose it it's unreal who three d printer that i'm just curious rick leos than the guys at zero to sixty did that last week they are talented it's amazing when you see that car because i was a competition gets me in four cup drivers you know i'm not going to beat him on the track kyle busch dini hamon martin over asian here daniels whereas i said i got to make a crazy so it's the blur poll 2018 camry all that are beautiful rose gold wrote a forms and it's awesome iraq thanks for having me ebay motorists you guys is right behind this over here check it out check it out in cars on the auction right now it's on the site right now ebay dot com fears for drake australia the car and you want me to roasters tires in your neighborhood i will send you a new set of general grabbers give it up for redwood play guys so much make such an authentic part of our hobby appreciate it just a moment frank it'd be back with another great gas this is a minor performance stage at sima 2017 right back yeah.

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