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Smart time. 51 years after it all began, Todd Rundgren will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in October, part of the class of 2021. Let's start with those who were nominated and did not get in. Mary J. Blige, Iron Maiden. Kate Bush, DEVEAUX Check in time Feel a cootie L L Cool J New York dolls Rage against the Machine and Dionne Warwick. Of that list, charity, anybody that you think should have You know, I know l l got some kind of consolation prize this year, but I think he should have been in way before Jay Z. Um, I don't think I would agree. But that's why it's not my list. Hey, actually got an award for musical excellence, along with guitarist Randy Rhoads of Black Sabbath and the fifth Beatle Billy Preston. See anybody. Listen to iron Maiden. Yes. Yeah, I was a little upset that Dionne Warwick didn't get it. I'm okay with the list. I'm okay with the list. It's about time for Todd Rundgren. Your class this year will be Tina Turner. The Foo Fighters. Carole King. The go, Go's Jay Z. Todd Rundgren and Randy Rhoads. Is we or Randy Rhoads and L L. Cool J's we mentioned got those awards for musical excellence, and Todd Rundgren, who of those Did not surprise you. Or let me ask it this way. Who are you? Most happy for Carole King. Tina Turner. Yeah, I'm most happy for Todd Rundgren. Runt 1970. Now as Utopia. Produced albums for the New York Dolls. Badfinger Grand Funk hauling notes cheap trick. Meatloaf. Not only meeting produced me Glow fund bat out of hell. But he played guitar. I'm bat out of hell. Todd Rundgren should have been in a long, long time ago. Other awards went Kraftwerk deal Scott, Karen Jazz, Fusion and blues legend Charlie Patton will be recognized with the early influence awards. I understand Gil Scott Heron and Charley Patton. Who the hell that craft work, You know, influence, I guess all the electronic music that's out there now. Daft punk. And, Yeah, the media, My guess is they call it rest of us. Now. Tina was already in the hall as part of the duo. I contain a Turner. So now she's in is a solo artist Dave Groll. Winning is a member of Nirvana. He's now going in as a member of Foo fighters. Carole King was previously inducted is half of the song writing duo Goffin and King. And now she'll be the first Person to be inducted as both a performer and a non performer. Just the album Tapestry should have had her in there many, many years ago. Coming up. List. What once the inductions this year take place, and Dave grow goes in with Foo fighters. There will be 10. Individuals in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame who are in twice Both times as members of different bands. That's a hard that's a hard one to a changes, and, by the way, will wrap up the segment by pointing out there's only one person in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Him three times. And we know that that would be Eric Clapton. Yes, sir. Yardbirds cream and solo. I actually think you could make an argument for Derek and the dominos. But that's just me. Michael Palka host LaPierre of Palka.

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