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Coast to coast AM Connie Willis here thank you for joining us we're back and we're taking your questions as well this hour talking with mark Standish mark is director studies for the institute for the medic studies and he's just blowing me away to where I'll have all these quite as he's talking I have a question and the question of the question but he's got to keep going because I'm listening and trying to soak it all in and it's pretty deep deep deep good stuff somebody no name era has been here on coast to coast AM talking about the same type of stuff and when she would talk about it I would pick up just a little and then you know she would keep going I pick up a little bit more along the way and every time I talk to her I picked up a little bit more so I think this is definitely going to be one of those shows that you wanna vehicles insider so you can go back and listen to it again and again and again and try to pick up everything mark I don't know if you get the tax I said you but you just blow me away here listen to a text we stock okay yeah I don't know whose wife and and she's in bed we go on whose it was this calling you section near the middle and I don't want that to happen but if the Aug everything's good okay and he's got the snake skin and his mouth so you know come up well it was for no I'm one of the things that and it's one of those words again here let me let me see let me give it a shot first okay let me let me see if I can do it again because I was fine with it until you says there will Floyd I think I think I was as I remember actually reading about I thought the G. was silent but I Grigoris yeah but there were no answers right hello hello is a hello is there Samantha quemada there's someone with second years sounded a Gregorio something like an ad for a home but it is Greek so you can get other thing it's great to me we just say a Grigoris and that's a box form and it's been very particular kind of platform because it is a kind of collective consciousness.

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