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Benny Snell junior. Says he's going to skip his senior season and enter the NFL draft, but he will play in the Wildcats New Year's day bowl game. Snell announced his decision at a video posted to Twitter yesterday. If he plays in the bowl, he could become the all time leading running back for the Wildcats. Meanwhile, on the hardwood, Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari reacting to the departure of sophomore guard a green who's leaving the program, and we'll transfer to another school a met with the kid. He's a great kid met with mom and dad and mom was crying. I mean, it is disappointing for me when young people, you know, wanna leave green came to Kentucky is a five star prospect. But he see limited playing time this year, the mother whose newborn was found dead in a trash bag made an appearance in court yesterday morning. The newborn baby was found at a clay county home on Tuesday police say a man came. I'm home and found the infant in a trash bag at the bottom of his stairs. An autopsy revealed multiple blunt force injuries to the head and chest police say twenty one year old amber bowling told them she gave birth to the infant on Sunday. She then allegedly put the crying baby in the trash bag and threw it over the upstairs banister of the apartment complex bowling pleaded not guilty to murder Friday morning. A preliminary hearing is set for December twenty seventh. Suzanne Duval, NewsRadio eight forty W H A S half a million dollars of city money.

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