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To spoken digits. Five six four eight. Interestingly enough there seems to be an international national standard when it comes to encryption there's always a set of five digits so whatever is transmitted as in digital format and there's five groups of five Kohout is is used by the CIA was use the KGB has probably used by everybody. I don't know why but there may be a good reason to have these of five so no I would get digits transmitted as a write in the book that started in never changed. It was nine forty on a Thursday night just prior to nine forty four about tweet tweet minutes and I know the frequency tune into but in case to make sure that I truly find it there was a signal that had three letters or digits that indicated that the transmission was for me and then the whole thing started and sometimes it was pretty long. Sometimes it took a good hour to actually listen to the the whole thing in write it down and then took another three to four hours to decrypt this thing. And when I got really mad was when at the very beginning of this radio Graham I get something like congratulations comrade Blah Blah Blah on the international workers. Day You may I. I don't think the stuff that's clearly. That's a bureaucrat. Writing this in four minutes and then they don't realize it takes four hours to do. It was a bureaucrat. It was an ideologue as somebody who didn't think. Thank boxer couldn't empathize with what it was like to be me. Jeez yeah never was in your shoes because I'm thinking like look. This is shortly radio. Obviously anyone can hear that but it's encrypted and I'm wondering if it's just random letters and numbers because when I was a kid I would go up north and be stuck in this dumb cottage and so we had a short wave. Radio was old is probably from the sixties or seventies so. I'm a kid in the eighties and I'm listening to this and I'm here in other languages. I'm just wondering. Is there any chance at all that I heard something that was intended for us five because the eleven year old alden me is extremely stoked at the idea that I might have heard something like that as a kid. Oh as a very good chance that you heard something that was encrypted. No doubt I mean first of all. It isn't just undercover agents. Agency's do other agents that need to get a quick message in this. The quickest way of transmitting something and you transmit encode even as we speak. I guarantee you if you uh-huh traverse the short waves you will hear digits being transmitted that are meant for somebody that is doing something that is not entirely legal in the place where he's doing a while. Yeah because of course people think oh you just use the Internet for that you could but was shortwave. It's broadcasted you can never pinpoint the receiver. which is the point right? That's one thing that's correct. You don't know the general direction guarantee you the NSA new there's a guy you're someplace in the northeast who's getting this every week. But that's all they knew there was no way that they could trace it back to be. They could probably trace it back to where it originated. But I don't know if possible with short with on the the Internet there's all kinds of things shortwave still does break down. The still has problems. At least as a fallback shortwave. I guarantee is still being used interesting using. You're listening to the Jordan Harbinger. Show with our guest. Jack Barsky. We'll be right back. This episode is sponsored in part by hostgator. It's eleven o'clock. Do you know where your website is. Looks like there's another outage at your.

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