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From <Music> process. <Music> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Female> I tell you this not <Speech_Female> only is someone who <Speech_Female> knows it to be true <Speech_Music_Female> but also <Speech_Music_Female> is someone who needs <Speech_Music_Female> to hear it <Speech_Music_Female> this episode. So <Speech_Female> is the first thing <Speech_Female> I've written in over five <Speech_Female> months <Speech_Female> and the seat of this <Speech_Music_Female> idea came over nine <Speech_Music_Female> months ago. <Speech_Music_Female> I've <Speech_Female> been making small things <Speech_Female> but mostly <Speech_Female> I've spent the better part of <Speech_Female> twenty one thousand nine hundred <Speech_Female> holding space <Music>

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