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Amidst not it's not note was him and it wasn't lance next is not going to be my next guess two 2000 eleven nationals gosh that was a pretty forgettable team a well jason worth was stolen net t m a jason cher was yeah is your wasn't now okay irate swell of uh was at the other zimmerman jordan zimmerman all right let's just let's just put this to a stock so the answer is tyler clipboard hacked lippard was the most valuable player on the 2011 washing nationals who finished 81 talq lippard bitter not a starting pitcher not a closing bitter but a one point eight two year eight pitcher he was actually worth three point ford winds above replacement that year allowed to love now runs a lot of home runs but i was just shocked to see that a team's best player was not like a staple player not a corp layer not not a player who's counting stats you wouldn't have him on like your fantasy team you know he didn't get saves you didn't get wednesay didn't get a whole lot of strikeouts because he was a a setup guy but just to make matters worse now just can i belong things i can tell you that last year the san diego padres had a worse best player who was jewish just seen two point eight wins above replacement that's pretty bad but i guess as long as we're going to do this exercise we have to look at the two thousand three detroit tires doing not this is well hey good news for them dmitri young 34 winds above replacement just as valuable as 2011 tyler clippers so i don't know who has the the worst best player missing all season of all time that's probably something.

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