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Long island. Iced teas get a couple of those going. Two o'clock those time you're like what what's the what's happening. Why the lights on. Oh that's how you look. Never mind what is about to happen what what's about to happen. I'm gonna blame on us having too many long island iced tea in the last segment. We just heard this song. Heaven heaven this song. We're playing it again because you guys said it was bon. Jovi no hold on to people in this booth said on jovi. I agree based on them. I assume i assume this is part of jays catalog. Cata well as zoom is because they say bon jovi new jersey to hold this. I'm going. I'm like yeah i don't know i don't have this in my car plant and listened to on the radio. You got it in your phone. I'm sewer playlist. yes exactly now apple platelets. We jumped on a quick Yeah yeah there's no question. I've heard it in college but all gave it to bon jovi dental top of giving it to bon jovi. You said it was a president. Clinton's inauguration song right world for two clarification clean up a lot in this so first of all. This journey their lead singer. Steve perry who is a huge bay area sports fan. He sang. Take me out to the ball game when the giants were in the world series. Three out of five years. So so this is san francisco. Forty niners playing tonight. That's off we're way off on. We also played third eye blind at six o'clock which was another bay area band so there's a little theme to the music today. Given credit i got third eye. Blind right though. Yes your third binder. I've done one thing right to one for three off. what else. then. I want you to hear a bon jovi song. So we can altogether know woo-hoo bunch of is what he sounds. Okay we're ready. Oh you're shots jay. What's up information is two zero and just a cap on the whole thing. Zubin had said. Don't stop believing. Bill clinton campaign song. It was actually. Don't stop by fleetwood. Mac i was one word off. I added an extra word. This news even know where. I would even know who saying this. No but it. I guess our listeners. Do though this always get into trouble at all sounds the same to me. All sounds the same to me. Party music in the bar hanging out. That's just the same to me. Because i'm not a rock and roll. I guess this would be be making any aspersions on music okay. We don't even don't even go there. Rock and roll. I think it might be time to go back to sports. So how would you like soft rock. Yes software and there's plenty of people out there that we don't know what we're talking about sports either so this is actually a perfect scenario looking at. I'm shy that. I don't know who the songs are. And who the artists are shy. All right i'm going to be very live living what i don't know seniors. Who happens to live who humming it and act like you're singing along so you're part of the group of the group you belong there us alright. Zuber's very nervous. Now you go back to sports. We're about to go real or not real after that unreal four minutes that we just played on this program. That's for sure. I'm always doubting everything i'm thinking about. Just confirm here. The afc east is comprised of the bills. The jets the dolphins and the patriots. So we read about that because we gotta talk about the. He's for a second to make sure the culture no longer. They're not sure there ever there. Were back in the day okay. We're on their nervous now. The ditch don't even call triple eight. Stay in the ditch. he like. We always seem like a fish out of water when we're in those kind of club with that kind of music. I wanna take zubin at evan. It's like a hip hop hook clip. That's why i want to see them like dance future. And all this all this good stuff you know like have them stand the corner to see how they act. Yeah you know. They told us to never talk. Politics should have never done it. They told us that. Never talk politics. I've brought a bill clinton. See what happens. Did you bring upon excuse so you got excited about the music. But that's fine we we we're back on track now all right. If you're old enough maybe bill clinton was playing the saxophone while listening to that all right anyway if you have to be old enough to get them all right so here we go real or not real. This is courtesy of a great website. And we give them a shout out. It's called the wringer the wringer dot com. They talk about sports music. Pop culture really great stuff anita great article on their posted recently essentially taking questions for each of the eight. Nfl divisions turning them into statements. And we want to see whether the fellas agree with their statements. Are i felt ready to do this. Let's start in the afc east their statement about this division. Josh allen will stop believing. No josh allen will stop playing like jekyll and hyde key. No of course it is i win. You're talking about now the season i think he will. I think he will stop. Just start to play a little bit. Better he's had some good moments but every sits down loss key decided to make him an mvp candidate. It's all downhill from there. Not room not sold on him being consistently dominant. He's been he started season. Hot like keesa. Do had.

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