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Our schools as well and you know sometimes even become normalised wherever quote unquote victim doesn't even see it as a hate incident oregon epa fat is just part of every day every day gift and i know for some of my unip a synagogue in their schools oftentimes somebody will refer to them as a jew and if not meant in a positive it's meant in a negative way and you know this is not a crime but yet it has negative over tone to it to make them uncomfortable and that's something we have to address than it's something our commission kills very strongly about as do our partners rabbi thanks so much my pleasure thank you for taking an interest dander getting the word out there that when these things happen they should let us now that's a rabbi richard stein burgis the chairman of the orange county human relations commission with the latest numbers on hate crimes in orange county its members supported eighty nine point three kpcc i'm nick roman the spacecraft cassini has been orbiting saturn four and more than a decade but its mission is about to come to and end on friday when it runs out of fuel and burns up in saturn's atmosphere since april cassini has made 22 orbits that have taken it in between saturn in the planet's famous rings the maneuvers have been risky but researchers at the jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena say they were necessary to find out more about what the rings are made of and how they were formed kpcc's science reporter jacob margolis has our story during these insuring orbits the danger was real as cassini repeatedly pass through areas with debris all it would take is impact with something.

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