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Buckle up. It's time for the chicks on the right speed route. How was the drive in this morning? Ladies little sketch, man, really bad. He was terrible. The roads were awful. What did they not think about the fact that the roads were gonna they knew it was coming? Did anybody? Think about the roads. All just didn't. And as you approach downtown. And she's got worse worse. I mean, I hit downtown Beirut. Yeah. And then capital, you know, I've been complaining about capital anyway. So add this to the mix. It was awful. What is going on? Do. We have a mayor. I'm just curious. Yeah. He's not doing doesn't listen to this show. He probably does easy. Listen to this show. I just did they think about like the roads do they know about the meteorologists because they're they it's not like there was this was a surprise snow. Totally predicted snow. I feel like we've been hearing about the snow nonstop mockup picture used most likely between the two of you to honk your horn and use profanity grabbing the snow. Yeah. That's totally her actually as me. I will say I got past like aggressively passed by two giant trucks on my way in because they were like, you're they didn't think I was going fast enough, which is ridiculous. Saw a lot of cars going really fast because I'm usually I hall, and I look I'm looking at them. Like, what is your problem? Yeah. I mean, I so I was surprised because I am usually the one. That's I come on. She's usually the one going ninety five now my favorite part of the morning commute. When it snows is Tony cats will tell him to slow down. And then he always issues some smuggles the right word, but we'll use it for today's program. Some smug warning of if your boss gives you any crap you tell them to call me, and I'll take care of it know. Knows. Say that. I'll right you every time it snows. Go slow and worry about you. What I want somebody to actually get a note from? David soon give it to their boss. I would love to see somebody giving their boss at lily note from Tony boss going. I am I supposed to care about some biochemist with the hell am I supposed to do this? This is from Tony cat. Sorry. I would have said so this planning meeting at this is from Tony. I didn't realize it was a no from authority. This is from actually Tony cats. And I want like emergency responders to be late to their job. Surrey couldn't pull you out. The jaws of life. From tony. I've got a note from him. Goo it'll be fine. If you need it. I'll give you an I wonder if. And David listen. No, we got enough for Tony cat. Fairness you guys were chastising me for being late. And that's the first thing. I said, it's Tony Katz. Told me to go slow to get a proper you. Take it complete silence for the first fifteen minutes of our show. If you like the hell the checks we got enough from Tony cats, by the way, rob you did not have a note from Tony. Yeah. So. Excuses. I see that Leslie Van Houten got recommended for parole again who's that? Stay up on the news..

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