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The Baltimore City council is legislation preventing landlords from rejecting tenants who use section eight housing. Subsidy vouchers as putting pressure on the state to do the same similar legislation passed the Maryland house of delegates in two thousand seventeen but was not acted upon by the state Senate services are planned for good Samaritan Harford county woman killed in Baltimore after giving money to a woman panhandler. A public memorial was set for Friday at helping hands ministries in church real the special counsel investigating Russian election. Interferences record. Commending no jail time for president. Donald Trump's first national security adviser, retired General Michael Flynn, citing his substantial cooperation the briefing by the CIA director to members of the Senate on the grisly murder of Jamal kashogi. As many of them that Saudi Crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman, ordered the death of the outspoken journalists revolution has left many staunch allies of the Saudi government questioning how to punish the current Saudi leadership without damaging the relationship. South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham, join FOX's Martha McCallum and believes the Saudi government must pay a price for these terrible action beyond any doubt. This could not happen without the crown prince knowing about it. We have a ton of intelligence that the people in charge of killing Mr. kashogi a work directly for the crown prince his number one go-to guy orchestrated. The move the president along with secretary of state Mike Pompeo have both said there is no direct evidence linking Mohammed bin Salman to the death of kashogi which is in direct contradiction to conclusions drawn by the.

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