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Kfbk were in Chile Tonight We'll see alot to 9 33 to 37 Partly sunny skies expected for tomorrow tomorrow will reach a high 62 to 66 Mostly cloudy skies on town for Friday with a couple of showers Friday will reach a high 54 to 58. Mackey Weathers, Drew Shannon News. 93.1 KFBK 64 Sacramento 64 on Carmichael, Roseville, showing 63 degrees for 41 now and kfbk on our poll question today. In essence, do you think President Trump should have attended Joe Biden's inauguration and got a lot of responses on our Twitter page, and we have a lot of talent to fifties coming in, so I'll just see how many we can get to in the amount of time that we have right now. Okay, Here's some of your responses should inauguration today. I understand what he did about a lot of people in the price now. You made the right decision. He shouldn't have been there because it's illegitimate presidency. One of the girls in Trump's with one of the inauguration who want to all of this razor wire barricade. Soldiers were kind of inauguration at dawn. I get that one too. Indian blurred their president. Trump decided not to attend the inauguration of your Biden. Joe Biden win is totally a first, it would be hypocritical for him for the 10. All the best decisions and going. If there was a issue at the inauguration immediately jumped all over it. He would be playing into him for the issue that arose inaugurations. So this a sampling of some of our pound to 50 calls and you can also we in off course on our Twitter page asking you 54% think he made the right call by not going 25% think you should've gone and 20% say. He shouldn't have gone and they didn't miss him so that a lot of a different opinions going. We'll come back in about half an hour and see what else folks have to say. For 43 in the interim and coming up, We'll check your top trending stories and hear why dozens of restaurants and wineries in the Napa area are suing Governor Newsome..

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