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One other Rienda he was traded in the world Trotman trade one of the world strap trades and he got into that game in the ninth because real shatman allowed three runs in that inning to setup that walk off. So that's kind of cool, and he still in the Red Sox system. Maybe he'll be back someday. We'll see. All right. Yes. Next team royals. The royals. Best pitcher granted not difficult to be the royals best pitcher this year. But. The royals. Best pitcher was a rule. Five pick Brad Keller who was actually hectically I guess a reds Rufai pick. And then they meet we traded him to the royals and Brad Keller was the best pitcher on the twenty eighteen royals. I remember at times the season looking at the rose thinking like who is who is this brand killer. And so I don't maybe maybe it's part of the writer bias. I don't like to write articles where I'm like, this guy isn't actually good because I think those are spirited just like us have their success, and whatever any bread Keller's credit, either one hundred forty third innings, and he had a fifth of three and a half. But then you know, he'd he didn't get a lot of strike. This is turning into more of a negative segment to than I was hoping for because he did double in terms of his finger or he was twice as valuable as royals next best pitcher. And I've heard about Jacob Eunice. I am interested in Jacob Tunis and Keller was better. And it's interesting also bred Keller. I don't have a list of all of last year's rule. Five picks in front of me. But Brad killer was presumably the biggest excess of all of them. And remember he was taking fifth in the rule five draft. Also by the red team in desperate heat of pitching help themselves. But it's. Not even like, you have a case of Brad killer being the first pick in the rule five draft. And and then he was able to have a great successful season was fifth in a draft where nobody's good. So he was basically off the radar. Now. How many players are drafted in this Rufai? There's a lot. I think it was like fourteen or fifteen something like that. But you know, the royals they got Burch Smith, and they got Brad Keller out of the rule five draft. And Brad Keller had an era of three point eight and Bert Smith Hannity array of six point nine two. So you win some and you lose some. But yeah, this pitching staff was was quite bad would have something I noticed, and there's no reason to why you would have noticed this. But if you look at the current fan graphs charts, which I guess famous for actually few days behind Brad Keller spent time in the bullpen and the starting rotation for the royals. This is unrelated Napoli the royals bullpen predictions. The second worst bullpen projection in baseball this coming season steamer has a war zero point four. That's the Marlins and. The royals are thirtieth projected both of negative zero point six were there below replacement. That's how bad this bullpen is. Anyway, brand killer. Good for the royals. Yeah. Yeah. So he had a fifty four point four percent grand bell rate, which is good too. So I don't know he's probably not great. But hey, he was twenty three to we're talking about Leonard twenty three year olds. All right next. One can't believe we didn't talk about this one at the time. Maybe we didn't. Because we didn't know exactly what happened. And I guess we still don't. But the Detroit Tigers not much to say about the team on the field. I don't know. Maybe we could have found something. But I think probably the most notable story about the twenty eighteen Tigers which says something about the team. But also something about this story Tigers broadcasters mareo impera and rod Allen fought they physically fought. And that was the end of their partnership on the air which had lasted for seventeen years. They had been working for seventeen years together. They had been there for a long time. Now, it's not entirely clear what happened here, but I'm just reading as we go to try to figure out what some of the details were here. But evidently on this day. It was September fourth. So Allen was scheduled for a pre game interview with outfielder Jimmy Ducci..

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