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A winner in the 2020 presidential race. Currently, former vice President Joe Biden is holding onto leads in Pennsylvania. Georgia and Nevada. President Trump leads in North Carolina and Alaska. Georgia officials say a recount is likely with the final margin between the two candidates likely to be within only a few 1000 votes. Nevada officials were will update their numbers in a half hour. The US job market showed a burst of strength in October, with employers adding 638,000 jobs in the unemployment rate tumbling to 6.9%. Still, the pace of hiring isn't enough to rapidly soak up the millions of Americans who were thrown out of work by the pandemic recession. The job gains suggested that a tentative economic recovery is still intact even as it faces a surging viral outbreak. And if you for any reason ever wanted to commemorate the year, 2020, a company in London has just the item for you. There is now a 2020 novelty candle at his four quintessential aromas, including banana bread, hand sanitizer, Woody musk. Also, there's a budget aftershave in earthy essence intended to remind you of Tiger King. You know Joe exotic. The first batch of the $20 candles have sold out. W G in SPORTS. Northwestern hosts Nebraska tomorrow in Big 10. Football. Pregame A 10 30 kickoff at 11 with Davina and Ted Albert on 7 20 w G N The Atlanta Falcons. Miami Dolphins in Green Bay Packers have all announced New Cove in 19 cases today. The forecast from the Perma CIA weather Center. The rest of our Friday will be wonderful. Ah, lot of sunshine today High of 73 degrees tonight. Clear Skies alot of 51 degrees and then tomorrow Sunny with a high of 72 degrees Sunday mostly sunny in the morning and there will be partly cloudy in the afternoon, but a high of 74 degrees your money on W. G. N the Dow's down 71 points. NASDAQ is down 19 points. The S and P. 500 is down. Three points. It's 67 degrees at Midway 68 in DeKalb and 64 degrees on the lakefront. I'm Lauren Latka on Chicago's very own 7 20 wg and I'm playing sitting in for John Williams today on the Wind Trust business Lunch where we're going to talk food, the Fed and the Raging stock market Wintrust business lunch next to do.

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