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On sunday as a matter of your law does the president thanked that he can be indicted under the constitution the president i had a conversation with the president of the president can't be indicted under the constitution for the activities alleging something like this porta upped wires out because there's not an investigation and there's boy this is rare you don't know whether those an investigation on friday president trump tweeted that quote i am being investigated full firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fly the fbi director witchhunt sicolo said the president was referring to a news report about an investigation shen not an actual probe american diplomats have reportedly held talks was that north korea's top nuclear negotiator for more than a year the wall street journal says the goal was to establish diplomatic channel and free us prisoners the paper quotes suzanne dimaggio of the new america foundation global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm paul levin sydney this is bloomberg all right it's twenty two minutes before the top of the hour and we've got to get to sport pages with this donna looks kapka just seemed to make it look easy cerdan de but kepco won the one hundred seventy us open brian by finishing at sixteen under par this for the us open as soon as you ever see as usual he ties worry mcelroy for the lowest 72 all scored a par in us open history that key matsuyama and brian harmon came in second at twelve under and tell us at the state guide open look at twenty nine aces against feliciano lopez to win a second title of the season and his third title overall at the nottingham open topseed johanna konta what's up set by donna beckett she won look that title at the rosmalen grass court championships he'll moeller upset evoke karlovic to ruin the championship on the women's side and that counterfeit won the championship well number one andy murray will go for his sixth title at the queen's club championships which gets underway monday you'll have to beat three of tennis's top fifteen players including world number three standoff raica who knocked them out of the french open mvi confederations cup portugal and mexico drew two two.

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