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You cannot be serious. Again, what does that what what even mean by that? I'm not sure we will ever get that far that could get way too subjective. And can open up a can of worms subjective. That's the entire profession of officiating. You're talking about judgment calls here. And that wasn't subjective. What happens at the end of the saints Rams game? Subjectivity to that. There's nobody with any shred of credibility that says. Well that shouldn't have been pass interference. So it was a good. No call. Yeah. Look at it. You Jason Whitlock you moron. This is what's going to happen? I will tell you what's going to happen. And you're going to have a collective freak out when the owners meetings happen, you're going to have John Elway and Steven Jones and this person and others inside the league because it didn't happen to their team. And they don't really care that happened to small-market New Orleans down here. They're gonna clap their hands looking to wash their hands up and say nothing to see here. All this will never happen again. Let's just move on. Cowardly it's wrong. And it's just another layer of this really disgusting rotten onion that we're peeling out here. The NFL has been facing a crisis of the -ficiating for a very long time. I've been talking about on this show since I got the job. I've been talking about it on my other shows going back to when I was a decade ago in Washington state. You want to know why fans en masse? Don't believe everything's on the up and up anymore. It's because a nonsense like this. That's what's going to happen, folks. I see the the writing on the wall. I've looked into the crystal ball, and that these owners meetings, we're going to hear about well, they're about ready to vote on changes the replay system, and then we're going to hear Jerry Jones and Steven Jones, and John Elway. After the vote fails come out and say, well, yeah, there's nothing really to see here. What a joke. Absolute joke. I hope you join me and the many people here in New Orleans and boycotting this farce of a Super Bowl. Make it hurt for them. Don't watch don't go to bars. Make sure your friends don't watch. And I know where he reached thirty eight states here. I hope people across the country don't watch that game. Show them with their ratings. That's what they care about the most. That's what they're sponsors and partners care about the most that what is happening here is completely unacceptable. I'm Seth Dunlap. And now we're gonna open up the phone lines at 504-260-1870 that's area code five. Oh, four to six so one eight seventy we'll do that. When we come back. This is the last lap on WWL..

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