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And all radio Christian bill going Christian good morning good morning safe and pretty soon we have Mister Johnny separate chatty yes this doesn't happen often that I give up my soup at lunch to be with you guys but you guys a special alright listen quick question and I don't want anyone wavering okay no wavering two away I will always waving a gun to your head yep place to go for soup and the kind of soup you like I like Portuguese soup it's really good it's almost like a stew with what you guys first though while no fish this one as long we saw or sure he's got kale potatoes red beans onions celery carrots I got a good I gotta tell you the overnight guides the Alexi was Portuguese and he would put linguists and microwave and the smell was just stuff now the smell was not good the smell was awful okay but if you want a great Portuguese still I will say legal seafood yes yes don't alone favorite super a place together my house a tie and weddings to fabulous yeah how do you make a little little little little meanwhile you gotta roll long ago yeah yeah I was like and Yaqui and it is yeah York yes all right receive you know you have an open invitation to come on it was the address we have an invitation I'm not eighty five years old so I don't I don't go look not as soon yeah I don't go looking for soup my favorite soup is probably my grandmother's those used to make a good chicken noodle soup that's exciting that would be but I don't go out searching for soups no again not eighty five years old we do a show in the afternoon I don't have a big lunch I wanted something lights on my way down let me let me let me give you a tip the fight could as Julie Carrell enters Joey with talking favorite soup and where to get it all chicken soup Tony's place in west Roxbury interesting all right so I'm gonna give you a chain that has great soups Pinera Brad yes they do well as a set up for Tucci so they only have to soak sausage soup or minestrone both good very good Canary yesterday at the corn chowder and the day before I had the scuba so but is that the Japanese stuff noodle I was gonna say the Asian restaurants to very nice too yeah well you know what is the next segment about Jello no I know I know what you know what see this is what's called ages I'm the youngest person in here so I know what is wrong was still on the hip I like to eat it every day which I don't know if it's healthy for me it's a lot of sodium in these I don't like so so what we'll talk about assisted living yes yes you have like a short list how you know how to handle it sells core you know it's so funny I live I live in Quincy and there are a lot of people that are retired and the conversations around one of the really hot I was in a diner these old guys to talk and that is that the library at their air conditioning let's get out of the other place yeah but see those guys you know what's so funny too because you had mentioned that great line that Johnny sap gave me about Biden and Sanders the two old white guys in every Dunkin donuts yeah but have you noticed also Dunkin donuts is like like I am one of my Dunkin donuts is all these great guys and they just that's how they start they enhance the arguing it looks like there are yeah I think wanted Winthrop there us Joe the one right near where I live in pretty close to yes is a Dunkin donuts there because I think there's only two of them and they of Serbians are are Croatians and there's like a whole bunch of them they meet there like it seems like there are any parking lot of times and then sometimes it kills any Albanian yeah you want you want a great thing to to go to the north and on the Sunday morning for some reason all the old Italians they come out Sunday mornings to the north and then that you know they always look like that's going to be a fight yeah they got the wife beater tee shirt right and then they got like the black socks well I you know I can make fun of us file I will yeah not only that I mean is that term politically correct yeah he was well I got socks in the angels this weekend I guess Major League Baseball trying to be hip so one team will have like all black uniforms in the other team level white uniforms I don't know what they're trying to get at five versus five from United magazine you know with you know this whole changing the uniforms I remember last year I think it was the Packers they look like bees remember that yeah yeah yeah that's right arms let's be honest it's a cash grab no I have these limited edition church apparel they just did nothing but gas was of a Michael Jordan is is number right you came out of that is respite in and and base wrong or six in Miami he was talking about going on six in LA but state are you guys feeling a little are you are you has the football thing hit you guys watch a little tonight I want to see Jarod Stidham because he's not gonna play tonight so Stidham was a fourth round pick this year in the NFL draft by the patriots maybe he's gonna be the next quarter back after Brady retires wore plays elsewhere after that you'll stick around for the twenty years or still I think great might still be sixty two years old going to Dunkin donuts other ways houses for sale yeah thirty nine and change right what what an awful where is it with one right near pine manor college right in Brooklyn right on the next to the nineteen no that's fine country funny the Brookline has had I think Larry Bird at a house yeah Brian Paul fireman yeah rob rob raft yeah what is it about Brookline that's what I mean he closed everything right and there's areas that you just can have five acres like already has it really yeah five acres on along with brother was shot I'd rather have a shack on the water yeah you guys want to guys here's here's the thing for thirty nine million you can buy a bunch of houses on the beach and put up your master not thirty in a million that's a lawless rack really want people going to like this people would like to say come on money might say Hey I bought Tom Brady and Giselle collector right right got a helmet I've got his house did he sign it's got right I had a friend he UMass and he Democrat it's used to live in Milton okay and he said the house was like haunted or something and Brad it's thought the red Sox were haunted remember that whole yeah curse of the curse and those players and make as much money obviously remain close to what these guys make not a thirty nine and a half million dollars I think he's just flipping it I mean he did this in LA build a mansion never lived in it sold at the doctor brainer profit I think he's just I need like said okay well my neck exactly the I think this was built in two thousand fifteen or something like that six yeah I think this is what he's going to do obviously the TV twelve therapy centers and all that stuff the method but I think he wants to get into real estate that could be the connection with trump when the folks on the think may be you know things Wednesday now together referred to doctor dray doctors raise your apple yeah he he's an automatic no no no don't talk the talks with medical school doctor Zhivago Dr not overstock rivers was not a doctor or what no man I know Dr J. not a doctor so now that the red Sox would and they were lost six in a row they finally won a game after an eight game losing streak and then they lost in the next night and then last night the game got suspended in the tenth inning so they've tied for for what what will the reigning yeah they didn't win a lump sum so I'm gonna just back to the doctor thing yeah none of the people that go into the Winthrop arms restaurant are actual doctors accept owner we call doc although they're all greeted that one yes yes I do yeah I'm over fifty yeah I'm I'm young actually nice special last night Joe one hot dog and one stuff call log it was a nice snack news it was like a pearl hot dog too yeah it was good because I thought I ate dinner at Regina and then I was in full so on my way home I got into the rest yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah my mother used to solicit finis on boils yeah Steve right with that in their beef stew that was famous do you ever remember next to Anthony's Anthony's pier four was a world famous alright man all the picture and next to it there was a place Joseph was that the name of it Joseph's aquarium or harbor Siamese Jimmy's was pretty fair yeah yeah it's always good to have two of them because if one is you know on our way you go to the best call ups there and I like the I have the rest of if you go online and get Jimmy's harborside scholars like that most on love it love it my brother all the cooking for about eighty people with this seven that the town Lomborg thing that we weren't invited to Jim will be able to make it but was is that charities's was celebrating sixty years of being on that location modify the but the property in nineteen fifty nine while sure we have a professional fireworks company come in and they put a barge in the harbor and the issue really yeah not a group to use I don't know the name of the company in New York they represented believe it or not they have like the fireworks Olympics so this guy really that were using live represented the U. S. up in Canada and of the sopranos I never saw one episode there was a fantastic episode with Tony this guy he buys a house and but then he's changed his mind he wanted his money back and like I said I'm not gonna give India so what he did was he got a boat did you say I remember and the guy he he played the Tony Bennett the same song over by the way you guys ready for this you sitting down tonight I'm going to see Tony Bennett Jenna how all the is ninety ninety three still packs right it's still it's still over the encore all wow I'm so jealous are you really yeah I'd love to see Tony Bennett he's he's on my list I I saw him when he was prime and I I did a show or I am seed it was for a tribute to Arnold Palmer George Bush and Tony sang a few songs he came out of the blue suit but I'm expecting them to be the size of like a water Cup because as you get older yeah yeah yeah yeah that's cool I'm hoping for that myself I'd like this should be nearing two member Dick Van **** thing this guy I know all these yeah last about six and I know yeah that's never a problem yeah some wow so what I'm gonna do it briefly at should be good I'm I'm kind of a I think you get some entertainment the thing you know we're not when you've seen as many casinos as I have they're all the same yeah I guess I'm a will once you're inside them they do kind of have that same look at this one only has six hundred fifty hotel rooms well it's the sound of those freakin don't don't don't don't don't don't don't that's what he did you've worked in Vegas yeah yeah if you're up all night reconcile this now it can you smoke in there or they'd have smoking section I don't know that's the part that I just can't ever deal with no you can get an IV of alcohol right you can get the drip you can get the potatoes draft I did you ever had a city I had a role he ready for this a roll of tanks occidentales yeah yeah you know the old people yeah yeah with Iraq that's one way to recover from hang overs is a little oxygen will hit all oxygen like you know get you go a little bit I got a kid working on my house very funny kid he doesn't always funny which is.

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