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A possibility for that to encourage sort of Focusing on the quality and not necessarily pay perform but may be a subset of a paper subset of idea almost even a block post or an experiment like why does it have to be published in a journal to be legitimate and the interesting data mentioned that i also think like why why why is that the only format. Why can't the blog post or we were even experiment in experimenting. We these a few months ago. Can you actually like bubbly something. A or a new scientific breakthrough or Or something that discovered in the form of a set of tweets. The twitter threat. Why can't that be possible and We were experimenting with that idea. We've been Yeah we rent a couple of of like some people some meat. It a couple of those like i think the limit was three or four tweets Maybe it's a new way to look at a you know a proof or something but I think it serves to show that there should be other ways to publish scientific discoveries that don't feed the paper format while but even with the twitter read it would be it'd be nice to have some mechanism formalizing it and making it stat making it into an nf t like a concrete thing that you can reference the length that's unique because I mean everything. We've been saying all of that while being true it's also true that the constraints and the formulas move a paper works. Well it like forces you constraints forces you to narrow down you thing and and literally put on paper but you know i agree. make concrete. And that's why. I mean i. It's not broken is just could be better and that's the main idea. I think there's something about writing whether it's a blog post or twitter thread or paper that's really nice to to concretize a particular little idea that they can then be referenced by other ideas than it could be built on top of with other ideas so Let me ask you read quite a few papers you've Annotated quite a few papers but talk about the process itself highly advise people read papers a may be one abroad broadening beyond just papers just read concrete pieces of information to understand the insights that label within i would say for paper specifically out of bring back louis talking about it is that it's important to keep in mind that papers are not optimized for ease of understanding and so right there's all sorts of restrictions and size and format and and and language that can use and so it's important to keep that in mind and so that if you're struggling to read the paper doesn't that might not mean that underlying material is actually dead heart and so so that's definitely something that that especially for us that we we we read papers and most of the times it'll be papers that are completely outside of our comfort zone. I guess and to be completely new areas to us So i always try to keep that in mind because there there's usually a certain kind of structure like abstract introductions methodology depending on the community and so on is. There's something about the process of like hot rita whether you want to skim it to try to find the parts of easy to understand the not reading it. Multiple times Is there any kind of heck's can comment on remember like feinman had these kind of hack when it was reading papers where you would basically Would i think i believe he would greed the conclusion of the paper and we would try to just see if he would be able to figure out how to get to the conclusion in like a couple of minutes by himself and and he would.

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