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Well, there are no Hall of Famer is yet for you know Iraqis now, but I guess Larry Walker's be the 1st 1 right? So I mean, But if you put it on the Yankees and you years you're feeling 27 World championships and all those Hall of Famers Giants have more Hall of Famers. Anybody you feel that truly do and it is a bit different, and it is a bit different. The eyes of the people that That support you, your family and your friends. That Cubs uniform that you put on for the first time they weren't you know, Ernie banks, right tinkers to Evers to chance, right? It was so cool the very first time when I was in rookie ball, right, and we got all the old big league uniforms. And the day that I put it on for the very first time. Ernie Banks was there. 30 banks was one of the really, really great people. People in this town that I ever came across in the game, and we're in breaking florid brains in Florida, and you know it is what the draft was June 6. Now it's like the last few days of June, and it's just Hotter than a popcorn fart and brain damage is gnarly, and we're just put died every scene humidity. I showed up the temp. Therefore, they had on a pair of corduroys, long sleeve shirt and sweater vest on, you know, I believe in San Luis Obispo. It's summertime. It's like San Francisco. And so I get about time I I get in the cab, and there was there was no A C in the cab. I start peeling off close by time I get to break into Empire City where we're stand. I have parent or on. That's so the next day we get and we're strapping on Our union and their number 44 a cubs uniform and when they were flannel, and they were beautiful. Oh, my God, They're beautiful. And here in the clubhouse comes Ernie Banks, he walked into In that clubhouse. They're pretty Slager and He walks up to, you know, go year. My crew go. Yeah. You want to count polished a loose of this? Bob ordered Long beach. Your aquarium? Yeah. You could get it to you were you were you were born a whack that ball juice it beat on a Yeah, And he did that with every guy, every guy and you know, you look in the cup uniforms. You have you look at Mr Cub. And he actually knows you are least your belt. He did. It was magical. It was. Oh, my God was I felt like I was part of the club. That is so awesome when we're kind of on that same topic of kind of making this show. Wait. We heard we must have heard it but worth retelling again. You're getting called up story and I wonder It's such a It's such an incredible moment. Like who you remember calling your mom and dad are like where you were, like, What was the Micro Co got the call story? Well, it was called the 1976 and I didn't get to call up. I had a really good year and maybe all Star team and which time there association, But I didn't get the call that took up two guys. So my wife and I we headed West back home from which tied back to Southern California. And so we took our time We stopped off saw some friends and Aspen. We just kind of, you know, took our time. Anyway, we're driving in. There were no cell phones, right? We're on the road. We weren't calling home. The way we come driving into my mom as we're driving in ST Gabriel, right down there in the village, and there is my mom doing jumping jacks in the driveway as we're driving in. And it was my mom. That basically told me that I was going to big league. That's it Credible, So the salt will was our general manager. And he said to Ah Wei have good news for your son. Now, please have him call me so she knew the deal. Anyway, I pulled in the driveway. She could hardly talk. Call him up. And he says that we want you on a plane tonight. You're gonna be in Wrigley Field tomorrow. So I did. I flew in September 6. My wife's birthday. She that she stayed back. And so I land about 7 30 in the morning and take God and I have no idea what I'm going to Chicago or how far the airport was in it's far. So I get in rush hour traffic coming in the city and I finally get into the executive house. And and, uh, you know, I can't sleep. I lay down Try. But after about America is ridiculous. I'm going the big leagues. So, uh, quarter nine. Pick up my bag, walked elevator elevator doors up, open up. And here's Tom Seaver were playing two met that day and he was starting pitcher and he looks at me to go your first day, kid. Yeah, well, don't screw it up. So then I walk down. I walk out the executive house. I told my bag in a cab, and I said the words that Every minor leaguer in the Cubs organization wants to say Gal goes where you want to go, said Wrigley Field. How do I get there till I had no idea? You could their God. They dropped me off on the wrong side of the field the rest of the field and you know, so I get to talk my way in. The dark Seok saw the bag. You let me in, and I walk up the stairs. He read me feel for the first time and, yeah, I got a little overwhelmed and I'll speed this up fast. I can a I walk it across the field and my feet never touched the ground. I was walking across a big week field that was going to be in the big leagues. In the clubhouse, get my my, my Union and now it's batting practice. So about there, Bruce Studer got called up in May. And so he was kind of like my lead dog on this whole thing and Bill bottom Who Was Talyn around sooner he'd been in for six years in the big leagues, So the three of us are out there shagging balls. Pictures do for BP, and now it's time to go run our spreads. So we start running and you run from the bleachers and then you walk back. You run in front of leeches. Without that sprint. I'm walking back sooner and bottom and we're talking about us. The bleacher bum leads out The bleachers and yells at a 40. What's your name? And I look up at him and I didn't ignore them. So then we run back now we're walking back and the same guy. Peels out a for you. What? Your name. So bill blot on the six year vet goes. Look, Don't worry about it, Kidder says again. Just tell them to go buy a program, So okay. Should we run back now? Walking back now? I'm looking at my opening. Save some guy I've got, um armed and dangerous. Mr Enough guy leans out 8 40 What's your name? Bad? Yeah, look up. And today go buy a program meet because I didn't. You ain't Ah, awesome. Ah, welcome to the show a little humility right there. It was. That's also I'm glad I asked What a great story about your mom too. That's also well, that's but and I loved how many people get told to go in the big leagues by their mom. That's cool, Aunt I didn't know your GM was named salty salt. Well, that's the way this year. Oh, rest in peace salty. Yeah, I did see that. I'm looking him up here on, Wicky says he got ripped for a couple trades here, but not the call up of Kruger that was one of his best moves. Yeah. There you go. There you go. Hey, just I know we're out of time and all that, but I wanted to hit you. A friend of mine sent me a link. The other day was June 23rd 26 days ago. The Cubs released this really good one hour documentary on what they call the Ryan Sandberg game. I don't remember June of 80 for know you were playing with the Giants, of course, but Sandberg hit two homers off a Bruce suitor. In the ninth and 10th innings in on a Saturday game of the week. Willie McGee hit for the cycle for the Cardinals. It was an epic and they made him an hour long documentary about and I was thinking about you because you know Wrigley Field on a Saturday the Cubs in the Cardinals and how much they hated each other. But Bruce suitors featured in it because he was mean it would nobody hit bombs off of suitor much less two and I was thinking he's your guys. This isn't Bruce it or one of your guys. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, he the unbelievable. He's one of the best people I ever met Lis Planet below one of the best teammates ever had. And you know, every year he'd go through, like a week or even two where you couldn't anybody out. And it's all set in the home runs would just start happening when we came up to the big leagues might work was untold catcher and he was our our pitching coach. And he was he was the Bruce Whisperer..

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