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Who's actually walking going on for you? Yep, you can definitely hear it. It actually almost reminds me of the little dolls they used to have in the 70s and 80s where you would pull the string. It's almost what it sounds like. I know. You can hear me go. I'm like, oh my God, are you kidding me? I've heard a lot of EVPs before, but most are not this clear. Mine are clear. I don't know why, of course I've got a really good recorder for one thing. And no. I'm kind of, I'm kind of picky about what I call an EVP and what I don't. I mean, I may hear some things I've seen some stuff on TV and they call it EVPs. I'm like, no. That ain't even worth the trouble. You know, I'm going for the big guns. So, but at this one called astrid, it was private home here in Kokomo. The woman who we were doing this for, her mother had just passed her grammar passed away a couple of weeks prior. And she ID this voice as that of her grandmother. And her name is astrid, which is a very unique and unusual name. I mean, it's for these parts go. Quite a nice name, but you don't hear that every day. And then we captured this voice in her living room. We did not hear it until we went and reviewed the data. And you can hear it, but it's not as it's fainter, but it's quite audible still. You can hear her, say, astrid. Yep, it was just like an older woman calling out to a daughter, granddaughter or something for sure. Yes, absolutely. And we did not hear it, but it was picked up on my H one. I'm telling you. I love this field. Why do you think we can not hear it with our own ears, but we can pick it up on digital devices? I'm going to have something to do with how our brain is wired to our auditory system, maybe. I don't know. Maybe we're going deaf. Or maybe this is a done with a different kind of maybe they're imprinting on the digital medium in a different way than what imprints through our ears to our brain. I don't know. Because I know our hearing is different from an animal's hearing, and I know that my dogs, they hear things I don't hear. So who knows what we're picking up on, but there's definitely a whole lot of stuff out there that you can't see here, taste smell or touch..

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