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And even the listeners wonder whether they've got some kind of weird one hour virus whenever they hear us saying this is npr for this podcast and the following message. Come from the university of virginia darden school of business through darden signature. Approach to teaching and learning you will gain skills to make an impact as a purpose driven leader at darden facilities and roslyn professionals can earn an mba or ms ba or take executive education programs while continuing to work learn more about darden's full variety of program offerings visit darden dot virginia dot edu slash npr support for npr and the following message. Come from better. Help offering online counseling better. Health therapist has joe explains the importance of creating a safe space for therapy. I can't tell you how many times i've had clients that. Say that expression like. I've never told that to anybody. That's when i know. I've made some kind of momentous move with this person. They feel safe enough to expose that part of themselves and doing that together with somebody else can be very powerful to get matched with a counselor within forty eight hours and save ten percent. Go to better help dot com slash car talk. We live in a world a country and a moment in time. Were there so much important news and it is constantly changing. That's why up. I is here for you. It's npr's daily morning news. Podcast in about ten minutes. You can start your day informed. Listen to up first on the npr one app. Or wherever you get your podcasts back. You're listening to car talk with us. Click and clack the tapper brothers and we talk about cars car repair and thirties wasting perfectly good hours now. This week we've asked you via social and elsewhere to tell us what moments mall stuck with you or as we put it. We're least intolerable. And a number of you asked to hear from a guy who appeared several times over the years repeatedly evading. Our call screeners. Somehow i don't know how we did it. Here is five five. Hello you're on car. Talk this is daniel in the hudson valley new york state. Yes daniel and the hudson valley. This is a familiar siding. Daniel daniel pink one of the famous daniel pinquater of npr and book fame. Same say the one and only one and only now you may recall. We've spoken previously. I've course i recall it was right. After you published fish whistle once we discussed my theory of displaced misery. I remember that when regarding pujol's straw physician that if you own a french car no further ill luck. Can before you pre-disaster right after that you you assisted me. Abeille in the case of the mysterious flashing dashboard in the car. I purchased from five brothers all named mike five case of the fi conan doyle mystery. What's the next chapter daniel. I have the next chapter for. This is a problem that i've actually solved it is. It's well known that i am circumference challenged. You told us that and it is a cruel fast that even if you've been fat all your life you still get middle aged spread on top at insult. Injury solta yes. Yeah well this resulted in my having difficulty gracefully entering and exiting my car civic was not the right path. Run at it. The grease up your body running the store greece wheel. They're going to swim the english channel. I'm gonna to get the corner. Milk wasn't the worst in a parking lot. I would draw a crowd now. You can't get a running start getting out. No no yeah. So i decided i had to find something that was rotunda accessible all right. Yeah so i began checking out various vehicles and my experiences were well. They were painful. In many cases can report. For example that the the nissan altima is not for the no diametrically disadvantage smoke in the room to be kept in there so i found a nineteen eighty five. Bmw seven. Thirty five. I this is about as big as bmw's get doors like a church. That is the conflict you by looking at the car along comes a man a mr moriarty professor moriarty and says you know we can get you in this car with no trouble. I said that's what i hope so. We did. Some trial entrances. I was able to gracefully. Enter and seat myself so now. I wanted the car very much. This car is got a seat memory. Press the button and the electric seat will adjust itself to the position. It remembers in the case of this car from his first older. Yeah who was the guy. I recognize him if i saw. He's got a nineteen inch in seen like a guerilla. So i had plenty of time to read my owner's manual. I have it before me On page three dash stroke. Oh seven a sitting ski rack technical modifications and keeping fit and i read from manual. Stop the car at intervals. Thri a few of the gymnastic exercises. We have outlined for you following. This is on your way to the slopes on occasionally and you do the exercise on pages. Three dash oh eight. This be keeping fit. We have a dozen diagrams which include one swinging z. All spending forum three zo hula-hoop movement titans bending oversaw racist number. Four number five is raising up which we won't go into that one. Bill de bends fifteen jumping jacks. So have you tried all these course of course page three dash ten stroke see an important contribution to journey. Fitness is made by kurt nutrition. This is an oldest manual that you stay fit from not eat greasy cheeseburgers. You really fresh fruit chris. Well you don't need time. Car actually lost a lot of weight and also nice saturn. Gee i don't my owners. Manuals never had this level of detail. Now you know i got a hold of a owners manual for a five series. Bmw already a pretty classy car. This there is nothing about calisthenics. There's nothing about the right crisp and the fresh vegetables. This is only for the elite. Were you know why. I mean they make so much money on these cars. They want to make sure that you live long enough to buy many of them or at least to finish the payments on the one. You're incorrigible wise guy..

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