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Talking about collections. What do you collect? It doesn't have to be weird, but it could be great if it were 1 800 to 831 on 1.5. 4 48, New Jersey Fast traffic. Villa We crashed to watch out for onto to insects is on the shoulder Coming south and Bridgewater over by route 22. The traffic is getting bide, although slowly. This report is sponsored by indeed dot com, indeed believes less is more. That's why they have powerful tools to help you. Source screen and higher quality people. Faster. Learn more. Two d dot com slash credit. Still lots of traffic on 24 both directions of traffic along 78. It's gotten better still a bit slow out by activity. Seven parkways Still very busy. Essex tolls down to Clark and in Woodbridge, down to 1, 14 and South 182. Lots of slowdowns. Spurs of the turbine rough to the car on the track lanes. Weather related slowdowns right down to Woodbridge had exit 11 and plenty delays. 27 south through 22 right down to 4 40. Got bunching up across the Hudson leaving New Jersey 40 minutes of particular G W Bridge. 20 minutes for the lower level, 15 minutes on the tunnels and pads. Still delays between Hoboken and World Trade. Tom Rivers, New Jersey Traffic North Jill Myron, New Jersey Transit self So to 95 is still closed off in Mercer County, and that is North. Um, from exit. 68. Princeton Pike. You see the jams up through to the closure at exit 69 2 Oh, six Lawrence Road. And in through the route 31 exit 72 dump truck accident from early this morning Traffic is still crawling at 206 and Franklin Corner Road also exerts crossing and Darryl in. So you need to stick with through 31 on the you inside and stick with Princeton Pike on the Lawrence side jams at Black Horse Pike through the Runnymede area. We also have delays in Mays landing of 40 in both directions. Traffic is also going to be tough for you on 2 95 south and Exit. 10 attend exit RAM closed off with a tree down at the exit ramp. Severe thunderstorms are coming through Burlington County right now. South Jersey Shore points lower at 48 Mays landing in 3 47. 47 right around DLC drive and once again, bringing it back up to Mercer County 1 95 eastbound, very busy yard ville through to Robbinsville, New Jersey Fast traffic every 15 minutes. Next report at 53 on New Jersey one of 1.5 New Jersey What? At 1.5 instant weather. Severe thunderstorm watches down effect..

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