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Heavy duty so Warner Media Group Aka Turner Sports and if if you don't know what Turner Sports is that's T._N._t.. And T._B._S. will present all wrestling at their up runs to advertisers next month now Warner Media Slash Turner Upfront currently scheduled for May fifteenth and this is how networks announced their content lineup lineup for the fall season to advertisers so reading into this a little bit more the details that have been reported. Now these details at I'm about to state are more rumor than fact which what I just reported is more fact act and rumor but the difference we don't fact check that is true but the rumor is is going to be a two year deal. It's going to be <hes> starting in October and all eat wrestling. It has already trademarked Tuesday night. Oh Man I just missed it. I ahead it there in the night when away from me Tuesday night mayhem or something like that so they're looking to go on Tuesday nights which in in October coincides with smackdown going to Friday nights on Big Fox so that's an interesting move because we're conditioned as of right now is a wrestling fan to watch Monday night raw and then Tuesday night smackdown. Will you take away Tuesday night smackdown replace place with all the wrestling. There's my Tuesday. I'm still watching. Wrestling to condition is to go on Friday night and watch smackdown. We'll see if I knew that speaking for myself but that's a great interesting move. I think by all league wrestling what's your thoughts. I you think exactly that I think man here we go again. We've got Turner lined up for another swing at it right there like I can still knock him out. There are still laying in the wings here. This'll be interesting. I'm really really excited. This plays out of the Tuesday night as the great move especially if that's avoid resting right because I mean Wednesdays they're also as far as television's concerned but next he's got enough of a following that I think he'd want to avoid Wednesday if he could you know in Wednesday's a little bit different because you don't necessarily have to watch because it's is on the network which means I can watch it. You know when you do live television which smackdown enroll are. It feels like more of a must see because you don't know what will happen now. That's been debatable the last couple years if if that you know edginess on your edge the seat kind of viewing has been there as it used to be in the Monday night wars but we'll see but with smack dirk suny with N._F._C.. I've always felt like well. I could just watch that when it's convenient more with smackdown and raw because you never know who's GonNa debut. WHO's GonNa Win X._Y._Z.? I do never watch an X._T.. Like live right because we'll we'll typically recording because it's on a Wednesday night so we're usually doing this. That's why this is the best podcast Oh casts recorded on a Wednesday of course so yeah. We'll see if in October things start to really ramp up because as been reported Fox's really they've invested a billion dollars into smackdown so they're not just wanting that just to be a placeholder so they've asked as your content you know there's been rumors of Daniel cormet current U._f._C. heavyweight champion being a commentator said Connor McGregor being Conor McGregor with Fox giving a billion dollars. There's also been rumors that in the superstar shakeup you might see a Ronda Rousey go to smack down and then that's when the stroman maybe yes so and that's going into next week and we'll get into our ron. smackdown thoughts a little bit later as well but all we wrestling now's the time to kind of cash in on all this buzz now right now April is W._b.. Bright like they rule abors next all that stuff so is smart Kinda Lay Ehlo and just let them have this fun but can you mega the young bucks the Lucho brose Jericho cody. You know that's a lot of money and it's interesting to see like okay. That's a lot of money put into it now. Let's return on investment our ally in the business world as it's called and it's got to be here eligible for network television apparently so housing workout to that'll be interesting to see <hes> and another interesting interesting point because you brought up you know Turner's trying to get back into the game of pro wrestling which is true however this isn't being footed by the Ted Turner hooked up the world. This is the con- family who owns the Jacksonville Jaguars and <hes> English premier soccer team so it'll be interesting with the resources Turner has an history that Turner has plus the money because if you know <hes> the con- family <hes> twice as rich as the McMahon Dan family however many different enterprises whereas McMahon is kind of you know what I mean joyal but now also McMahon is dip in his toes into the N._F._l.. Or Excuse me in small AF folded to how is he got out X._F._l.. Has the full season so crazy yeah I. I'm really interested to see where it goes in. Yes this last Turner was funding the company this time they're just they're just the distribution Russian television but that's still a lot of financial backing and there's still involvement involved with that. They still have a lot of say in what goes down right yeah so it'll be interesting. I'm I'm ready to see where this goes. I'm ready for that. <hes> alternative really yeah. I definitely AM I. You know we've been talking for awhile of how you know. Please someone else you know we're tired of inconsistencies the last second decision making just as raw was after mania kind of felt like in the main event so hopefully all wrestling can kind of cash in on what me and you as debt as that hardcore fan but not necessarily into other organizations if they can grab thus I think we are the key demographic all eat wrestling. I think they have the pro wrestling tease. I have fifteen shirts. Three of them are Kenya Omega. I think they got all those guys angles right like they got that Vietnamese. I think they need to go after more so than the general public our viewers like me and you were we watch raw. We walked smackdown. We watched the pay-per-view but being completely transparent. I don't think we've ever ordered a ring of honor honor pay per view. I don't think we're necessarily keeping up with who the <hes> you know. Never openly on your thing that I can easily like. I've got a D._V._R.. Playstation Vue on something like that and it's easy easy and I can follow along. I might yeah and so with T._N._T.. And T._B._S. which is available on most all types of cable providers whether it's basic you know the the traditional cable I have sling which is that kind of alternative Internet streaming cable provider <hes> Similar T._N._T.. And T._B._S.. You have playstation vue. I believe that's available and playstation Vue so that's a big easy convenient for us. I think gin all wrestling they I need to go after us more so than the person who only watches Wrestlemainia 'cause brock listeners big and bad salary casino yeah but what's got another new store. You WanNa share good another news story. Apparently razzies broke her hand at Wrestlemainia so now there's been some rumors that she was going to be taking some time off after mania anyway from before so I maybe this a work. I mean who knows right now. What do you think well I? I thought it was interesting. That becky lynch made a comment about the story where she said. Isn't it funny that the girl the bad is woman on the planet broker hand on the face that she said was too fragile to get through a match or something like that. I'm paraphrasing <hes> so with becky legitimate comment like that. It seems like if they're smoke. There's fire <hes> everything that was reported peaking behind the curtain said that Ronda Rousey was gonna be on raw. Obviously if you watch the episode she was not <hes> so I think there's a little bit of truth to it. I mean you know I think it's hard when you're used to throw in real punches and then you're adrenaline going and then you try to throw a fake punch and you can probably roll a wrist or in this case break a hand because you're you're doing something not natural. You're trying to hurt someone but not hurt someone but make it look like it hurts someone right and so that's going to be difficult to to perform if you're not used to it and so you can hurt yourself by doing those kind of actions and it looks like in this case Ronda Rousey burke that Hain see you again. I like it like we don't need rowzee coming back for a rematch and we don't need <hes> you know like Becky Lynch can go on now and and take on other competitive. This is a perfect time for those times off that we've talked about that. Restaurants can get you don't have to have an off season but there's no reason raising can't go away for a couple of months now. Rest get better think of a good story line options come back with some ideas you know creative will be thinking also and let's see your I mean what we can do like be. It's two thousand nineteen ear the storyline so you know what I mean like. Let's do this like let her go like she does not need to be on these shows yet like she is going to be the next night. We like well. I would be great. Nobody gives a fuck yet. No one's clamoring for the night after after Wrestlemainia the rematch that we already just solved so I agree with you. Let's just as you already gave us. The match in many different ways beforehand it'll be interesting though to see how that reset happens for Rhonda Rows if she does take that extended period of time Mauve because it kind of felt like starting to wrestlemanias ago it was hit the ground running round around around around around around Rhonda. We got towards the end where we said Hey. We don't really need Rhonda all the time. She takes all this time out. Is it at aside out of mine or resit me. I really miss the Ronda Rousey match see I got it you you. She goes away for a couple of months. You also bring up <hes> Bazeley right and she starts going through fucks and she's got her to latkes right and then she he gets up after a couple months up to becky lynch right to try to take on and then you bust out Ron and then you've got four horse women you do the four whores women thing definitely time for right in time for October Fox switch you think October. I was GONNA say summer. Slim that the up to then yeah you could do that too. <hes> yeah so we have a little far out. That's what six months out so yeah. It's a little but yeah but will who knows she might get pregnant. You know during this time often menzies menzies out for nine months or a little bit longer we shall see what happens because hurt her wanting to start. A family has been known since her U._F._c. days. That's one thing she's expressed numerous times especially since Marion Travis Brown around that she wants to start a family obviously starting at family from the female perspective isn't just a Oh we started a family now. Let's get back to work. It's a little bit longer assess well. Not I'm talking about about the process of giving birth you know if a man starts a family they can go back to work after the announcement of a pregnancy woman actually has to go through those trimester or trimesters pregnant right the <hes>. We'll see if that happens. During this time off you know <hes> that would be an interesting wrinkle into the story that is Ronda Rousey but as of right now yeah like you stated run arouse his hands broke from wrestlemainia match and also <music> all elite wrestling as of reported today. It's going to be in the fall schedule for the Turner Sports T._B._S.. T._N._T.. Fall Lineup says interesting. I can't wait to hear more all right so we're GONNA go through the weekend right..

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