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Myths as you know the the the kangaroos raised up and torn down. And but I think in the art forms I think in architecture you know people have been talking about the end of the stark attacked the the star celebrity genius architect and in in in music and new music. People are looking past this sensibility. Where are you know? There's only a few people really Matter whether in composition or performance and and I think that's that's healthy but there's also something this. This is Ella Mental. Need you know with the people people go to concerts. They go look at buildings they they they go to great restaurants They go to museums in order to be overpowered. You know they're they want something exceptional. They want something awesome And and the the whole culture that is built up you know around trading and providing and said of also marketing that kind of experience that brings up all these pitfalls automatically. But we still we still want to. You know we still need it. So y'all can we have a future where where we have quote unquote genius. Who who are providing these kinds of experiences and yet they're all kind of really nice people and treating people it's tricky So it's but it is kind of working through of of that couldn't go genius. Model that Eh. that it seems like every art form actually dealing with this right now Absolutely in the food world to one hundred percent As a question not to be so reductive to food critic but I'm always asking myself just to better understand my industry again because because I've restaurants they get reviewed by critics. I WANNA know how a food critic thinks when read their work and all of these things to get a better understanding what they might think of our food. What does it take to be a good music critic then because it seems to me this is the one kind of criticism where if you're not constantly reading listening getting in better It's not gonNa look so good like you must be just consuming information all the time. Yeah I am. Yeah I mean it's you do need to keep up There are some basic qualities that I think you need to have to to do it. I mean there's no there's no exact training you know and you don't need to. Have you know a certain certain kind of degree you know to do it. As sort of level of of professional perfect pitch now definitely not I don't have perfect pitch and now you don't need to be a you can be a great musician without having perfect pitch at says it's it's it's not a necessity at all But you need some level of musical training like every critic I know has played an instrument played. I played the piano and oboe. It quite poorly but But my main thing actually was I wanted to be a composer So up until age eighteen hours reading these pieces that what made you stop. It was just a kind of dawning awareness that I wasn't even going to be Sally Airy. That'd be lucky if I if if I got to be very Just didn't have the actually. I didn't have the drive to do it. I would have ideas outright. Like a little kind of melody down or sketch out a texture sure and then it just wouldn't go anywhere you know and I wouldn't be able to think of what what comes next and I didn't have this this drive to to just kind of really dig into it and like Mike just obsess over it And kind of figure out where it was going and the odd thing is. That's exactly the quality that I have for writing and I don't know why my brain is like just kind of vague in this one area like sort of much different than in the neighboring area but was writing I I completely love. Oh love love is the right word I I I just kind of end up. You know getting swept up in this process of of you. Know if they're putting the initial sketch on on the page and then just just hour after hour day after day. kind of moving things around and reworking it until it's near the way I want and and and so that I didn't have that kind of Obsessive nece when it came to music. And you know I just love to listen and read about it more than than I wanted to Create it and I just loved the history and the biography in the background. You're listening to everything to it seems. Well I can't handlers genres. You're not just listening to classical music. And Yeah it's as I've gotten older sort of moving into my fifties now now I find it really hard to keep up with what's going on a couple generations. Vied is sort of keep up with my old favorites but it's the sort of overwhelming. So I think twenty years ago I was just a lot more plugged into what was going on and pop music and now it's but there's also just so much going on in terms of this so much feels like this mortal into its better known as Sallie but there's just more in classical music there's dislike now there's streaming. There's like a live concert happening in Australia which I can listen to on the Internet. You know Radio Stations You know orchestras filming their own concerts and putting them on the Internet and and so I just. I'm just getting a fraction of it. You know I just try all day long and there's always music playing always you know here's a name I don't know. Let me go explore. You know this person's work and and so you know there's that kind of basic nick kind of training or background that you have to get interested in it first and then there's this constant just keeping up you know you're an advocate the kit for modern classical music With my again limited understanding. It always sounds something that I don't know if I could just sit down and listen to and the way I feel people that are aficionados and fans of classical music genres. They tend to talk about in a way that I can talk about food. That can be ostracizing right right just bewildering. Yeah why why. Why is it so important to you? And when you try to explain the virtues and the brilliance of modern music I tend to feel the same way about modern. Strana me. Well it's not for everyone right but you have to appreciate the brilliance. Like you have to see what they're trying to do. The best way that I I can understand what you're trying to say it's like it's not supposed to be delicious. Might be if you understand sixteen different reasons why this dish was created for you. We need to have some knowledge beforehand but there are so many dishes right now in this twenty nineteen or just coming out of this modern movement mint right that were in place now. I don't know if anyone knows what kind of food were making anymore. It's just this ray. Complete Limbo is that sorta where music is classically. Yeah Yeah and of course like you know as someone goes to restaurants. I'm on the other side of like I'm of Philistine. Not kind of well-versed you know in in all the latest trends so you know. I may have a dish or like Nad. Like you know what that was about and And I'm aware that that that it's you you know it might be you know very sophisticated and and Worthy of attention. So it's funny. How you know you're going to stand up on different sides of that divide between the you know the connoisseur her just like the regular person You know for me. I know it's a tough sell you know and it's a tough sell within classical music. Never mind kind of all the other people out there. A lot of people who grew up with you know Bach Mozart. Beethoven Brahms Maybe Mahler at the tail and Who Love that music and have a huge problem with everything that came after that my parents were like that I mean they? They grew up taking me to Jimmy Music concerts around DC He and this was the music they really loved. And you know to this day they kind of scratch their heads over this stuff that I write about. What do you think causes that moment? Moment where you're just like. I'm not gonNA appreciate anything after this appointment I did. You see that in food exports and basically everything. Yeah people do get locked down. I mean I mean it happens in pop music where people kind of stopped taking new music after you know their their use you know and so kind of everything that happens after that is you know doesn't make much sense to them Of course in this case people are you know all this happened long before they were born. So it's not like you know Brahms was the music they grew up with you know and so it's a deeper problem which.

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