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Right now. I'm excited i'm excited to see what What he's going to be doing. Wanna say hello to adam. He's back to see you. And jeff ellis from the hood. Welcome and thank you for joining us tonight. Oh and look at this. Get jay from mid card maniacs with us oh you should join the wingmen you should go to. Aws join the show. britain Pretty peter avalon. It's done all that'd be fantastic so ric flair has gone Rick flair has gone bray. Wyatt is gone. And now we've got rumors reports saying that. Adam cole is working was doesn't have a contract or at lease doesn't have a renewed contract here. Let's walk through this. A little bit and folks. I know the adam cole. Stuff is exciting chat. I want sound out here. What should adam cole do. What's going on Wrestling inc broke. The news That on Just a couple of days ago. Sunday thing that adam cole's. Wwe contract would be expiring later this month as in august. Kohl's contract was rumored to expire in two thousand twenty four but it now appears that expiring after summer slam in fact. His contract was up at the great american bash. Just a couple of weeks ago. But cole extended it. He's like yeah apple. I'll work through summer slam than we can figure something out. Pw insider reports that The realization of colds contract expiring took a number of wwe executives by surprise sloppy shop. Urban the it was believed that he was locked in to at least january. Twenty twenty two and There's a lot of people apparently within wwe who were a little boy that this that this news got This news was put out there as well. the But this is probably tied into the departure of I can't. I'm going to say this. This is the kenyan seaman who was the former senior vice president of talent development He was you remember. He was rumored to have been released. Like i think it was in february or something like that but it turns out. it wasn't real but now it turns out that he was really released And you know they're. Pwi sort of implies that the timing of you know kenyan siemens departure and and adam cole and the news about adam kohl's contract sort of lines up and then we learned just a couple of days ago on top of all of this that apparently adam cole was not offered or still has not been offered a new contract yet. Apparently there's an update that he has not formally been offered a new full on contract by. Wwe as of at least This news which was on the third when this was when this was published Yeah so that that's That that's where we're going right now. coal is still scheduled to wrestle at Takeover thirty six of the day after summer slam. that's fine. I mean you know everything you know. Everything is everything is everything is just cooling kosher I had them coal. Here's here's the wild thing to me this to me. This is it's bananas to me Maybe to a degree you remember alastair black right. He shows up on dynamited animals like wait ninety days ninety days ninety days no ninety days He was on an annex t contract and inex- contracts or thirty days they never upgraded his contract to a main main roster contracts so he was free after a month to a certain degree. When you consider how alastair black was being used on main and again to a certain degree it's still baffles my mind that a multimillion dollar company excuse me billion dollar company would let talent contracts to slip through their fingers like that. That's one thing but you can assume you can fathom that you know since alastair black wasn't exactly a big time player on monday night raw and on friday night smackdown made people were like well you know. Just let it slip through the cracks. Because you know he was he was a bit of an afterthought that's one thing i'd adam whole who is a big time player in annex t multiple time not multiple. You know he still big time guy. Undisputed era former st champion. How does that guy slipped through the cracks. Especially since he's best friends with up. Budget does work for the other company. That boggles my mind. Boggles my mind. I don't get it. I really really don't i. Frankly look if. I'm i'm based on everything that we know which is all surface information you know. We don't know what's going on behind the scenes. We thought we we. We don't know what's going on. But based on what we see and the things that are happening right now. If i'm adam cole i don't wanna go to main i w w we didn't know what to do with allistair black. They don't know what to do with. They didn't know what to do with the bray. Wyatt the push reggie reginald dissimilar. They're given him..

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