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Man convicted in the killing of George Floyd could get as little as probation or as much as 30 years in prison. Three other former police officers accused in that death of Floyd will go on criminal trial next spring. We're moving past the pandemic comes with a lot of lessons learned. And while life is quickly getting back to normal in Massachusetts, WBC's Carl Stevens tells us some packed practices from the not so distant past continue to hang on. Mazzella Custom tattoo and piercing has been around since the state legalized tattoo in about 20 years ago. One of the artists there, Joe Hamilton tells me one pandemic practice. They're going to keep Is a limitation on the number of people allowed into place at one time. It kind of brings back that little bit of intimacy in getting tattooed, right. Like you no longer have five people in your waiting room. That's putting the pressure in your subconscious of you got to get this done quick because you've got people waiting for you. Right, That's gone, and so is the virus. Pretty much, But what remains are some of the lessons learned over the past year. New ways to do old things. Carl Stevens, WBC Boston's NewsRadio. We've been talking a lot about coronavirus shots in recent months, but here's a shot of a different variety. It's up for auction in Marlborough. WBC's Matt Shearer says It's your chance to take a sip of history. When a new auction item comes across Joseph Hyman's desk Skinner auctioneers, There's usually some family story to go along with it. That turns out false. It's a multi genuine Additional game of telephone. So when a whiskey bottle older than the civil war showed up, Joseph was like, Yeah, okay, but he got to work. I was able to use a hypodermic to go through the cork and draw out tiny sample of two millimeters to send to a lab. The results were astounding. Turns out it was most likely bottled between 17 63 and 18. Oh, three that would make it the oldest known bottle of whiskey in the world. He assumes it will sell for around 20 to 40 grand, maybe more matte, sheer wbz. Boston's news radio right seventh. 38 electric cars are continuing to close the gap on traditional vehicles. When will they get there? Let's check it out now with Bloomberg business. Here's Tom Busby. Well, the latest estimate, Jeff is just 12 years from now in the US, Europe and China. That's the forecast from consultants at Ernst and Young five years earlier than previously expected. That's because automakers are focusing on zero emission cars and regulators are cracking down on greenhouse gases. Meantime, the German automaker Audi says it will make its last gas burning vehicle in just 12 years. Japan's Honda will go all electric in 19 years. On Wall Street. Dow futures edging lower now down one point, even though the head of the Fed has eased investor worries about rising inflation. I'm Tom Busby Bloomberg business on WBZ, Boston's news radio. The mental effects of covid linger and psychiatrists start to treat a new patient Details. Next at 7 39 have a great day. If you say plenty of news happened during.

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