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Gonna run game going so I think that's something we'll look at still gonna watch the phones exactly what happened but we have three great running backs we definitely need to get them going to get the ball in their hands and we I just got a bunch of playmakers it's frustrating when we have all these playmakers and you just feel like you left a lot of players out there with knocking the ball these guys hands. got to make sure that your you gotta be careful with the word grates we're talking about your teammates good and great because when you call your running backs great if they're so great how come they get the ball. yeah you know it in before the bear the the for the ball to be in the air or trying to get the ball in the air so often it was still the bounty didn't it wasn't like it was twenty five it wasn't thirty to three we had to throw the football a ton now you the games on the balance so you still easily could have just been able to run the football and work your offense that way to set up the pass and set up the play action so it it wasn't it the wave Mitch describes it as if well you know we could have that kind of a band of the running game because we you know we were behind not that far behind play calling sucked just be honest and the execution was even worse. we need business it's called the way it is you know you you saw say again that I saw it was not good enough to talk about the bears which Jonathan hood on ESPN one thousand ESPN app so as I look at this I can't wait to get closer and closer to the Denver game because that will tell us all we need to know about. now on the road I guess Vic Fangio who knows everything there needs to be known to both sides of football even though he's a defensive guru he saw what Mister disc years he saw the office as well there's a lot that he can be able on low to the Denver Broncos to help the Broncos win that game I'm not rooting for the Broncos I refer to biscuit to try to break through this thing to be more consistent that's the thing and if last year told a story and this year it's only a greater story in week one it certainly is out let me switch gears here talk about Antonio brown. because Antonio brown was of a big story over the weekend because of everything that happened it was so much with the Antonio brown story now Antonio brown is obviously did not play last night with the New England Patriots I guess the Pittsburgh Steelers and of course they didn't need him there based on how the patriots performed by the way Tom Brady they have to play in the preseason because he's the goat and that he knows the offense a great to go it's a different team Mr biscuit Tom Brady by the way but I I want to talk about a Tony brown. in in this regard. Antonio brown four if for whatever reason. decided to do his own thing by going rogue you remember was him when he's with the Pittsburgh Steelers right was with the Pittsburgh Steelers. he was not happy with my time one he wasn't happy with being with the Pittsburgh Steelers so he wanted out and so the deal took place with him going to the writers and all Derek Carr the quarterback for the raiders really needed was to have someone who can work with as far as the office concerning you know Antonio brown even age thirty one the difference making wide receiver. yeah of course we come to find out about frostbitten feet and his blond moustache in this odd hair merry is with the Oakland Raiders you thought what this kid because could work right Antonio brown with the of a fresh setting being with the new team and he could be able do some things and then if you want hard knocks so if you just read everything it just started going in the wrong direction where Antonio brown with some of the most I've seen odd characters are the sports figures before I've never seen anything like Antonio brown everything's gonna be recorded on Instagram and making me many movies the talk about how you're free away from the for the Oakland Raiders I don't know what his issue is but if I'm an owner or from a general manager I couldn't have Antonio brown on my team. you trick off in the end you and for whatever reason you decide to record our secret conversations and put him out there on social media you get fined by the team put the the actual letter on Instagram now no so I can't trust you to be on my football team I can and so all the things that he did the timeline of everything that happened and Tonio brown from going to camp to not being part of camp upset about his helmet which the league and says I'm going to say I'm not gonna play until I get a helmet so I'm going to go to Roger Goodell and say I'm not a place I get the helmet that I'm already wearing you know the NFL told everybody five years ago that the how much will be changing to try to make yours you safe right. so he tells a league that I'm gonna appeal this decision and then he appeals twice I believe says no that he appeals again twice and you shut down twice so finally found a helmet that he wanted. then the disconnect between heaven and Mike may Oct and it just kept going on and on into this really vicious weird cycle where. now he doesn't want to play for the raiders because of Mike may Oct because mac wanted to find him for insubordination and so you want off the team and that he deeply films himself saying he's free like you some Slade what are you doing man your comparison what do you seriously running around in the yard after after a copy of the video saying I'm free of no load the raiders all the raiders ever want to do is get you on the field and you feel like you're free free from what and so this is what this is some people off is like how you feel up right Hey Tony brown field up. the raiders from four in all from their standpoint they don't didn't pay Antonio brown a dime so he has to get his guaranteed money he gets nothing but he fails up me feels up by going to the New England Patriots to talk about this with Jonathan hood on ESPN one thousand ESPN now so it is kind of like the joke on social media before it was official right yeah if you tell your brown is written releasing got any teen watching the patriots and guess what you want to the patriots. it's amazing but it didn't happen and this is not the the last time that this has happened right you have seen the patriots be able to be the home for wayward players from Corey Dillon to Randy moss Albert Haynesworth to chat Ocho Cinco to Josh Gordon still the team and and Kenny Britt there's been a number of players that have gone through the patriots because bill Belichick feels you know what I can handle these players give me the option I'll handle them I'll see if they do work in our system because you look at the tell the player even more so than the demeanor it so it's it's interesting how bill check does this and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but I think from the patriots standpoint because there's no rob Gronkowski he says you know we're going to try and see if this is going to work out there's been some bad moves to the same bill Belichick that signed JJ Stokes once upon a time sign over beer David Terrell once upon a time Chad brown on the same bill Belichick decided to get Richet Caldwell and don ladies and take Williams and Roosevelt Coleman. look at the path the player and says the player can be productive for me let's see what happens and he will roll the dice sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn't but if if the whole story of Antonio brown is sold strange how you had the world by the the the shorts as a difference making wide receiver running around happy no debate by not being with the Oakland Raiders and now you fail up to the New England Patriots you do realize that event Tonio brown and it told in the patriots don't work out he could be out of football because if if it's not the paper to last chance you but the point is is that the patriots the hold for we were players bring your weird bring your Eric can't bring your rebellious for your intolerable to be politics says let me see what I can do. he failed up he's gonna get paid one year it's not the money that he left on the table with the raiders but you will get paid I could win a ring if he's able to conform and conform is is basically come to work play hard and then go home come to work play hard go home that's really the patriots way just just do your job can he do that I have never seen anything like this social media era before the social media era of a dude that is just throwing his career away always up to this point in time just throw it away didn't want to be would would would brother Tomblin didn't want to be with the the raiders and now this we'll see what happens. let's hear from these stories about Antonio brown because it's to me this whole story all brown is very fascinating to me all let us here. from those that around this story Antonio brown first from Chris Mortensen eight says A. B. got advice on how to be released from the raiders Antonio brown during the week actually sought advice from social media consultants on how he can accelerate his release from the raiders and this all started with him releasing the the letter from Mike may arc that he was being fine he put he put that on social media which.

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