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One degrees. I'm Jim Phillips President Trump says it's no surprise that. He's being sued over his declaration of a national emergency. But he remains confident. He will prevail. In the end, sixteen states filed the lawsuit today to keep the president from takes taking funds congress earmarked for other areas to us and building a wall. Trump said he absolutely has that right? And that it's an open and shut case. Former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe is claiming he notified congressional leaders including Republicans after he opened an investigation into President Trump McKay made the claim on NBC's today show says he ordered the pro because he was worried that Trump was working on behalf of Russia. Meantime, the Trump administration is launching a global campaign to win the criminalization of homosexuality in dozens of nations where it's still illegal to be gay Tom Roberts has details. NBC news confirms that this is a bid aimed in part at denouncing Ron over its human rights record openly, gay US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell is leading the effort. The US embassy is flying in LGBTQ activists from across Europe for a strategy dinner to push for decriminalization in places such as the Middle East Africa and the Caribbean. Tom Roberts NBC News Radio. Police have arrested a Massachusetts couple whose one year old daughter tested positive for the powerful opioid fennel. Mcdonagh per ura and Jennifer oh such of Lawrence appeared in court on Tuesday today on drug trafficking and weapons charges. They were held without bail, pending a dangerousness hearing police responded to the hospital on Monday after the girl. Tested, positive officers obtained a search warrant for her parents home, they say the drugs in ammunition. Both the daughter and her six year old brother are in state custody. The girl expected to be okay, Republican governor Charlie baker's calls. Former Governor William Weld a mentor, but says.

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