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In the Attorney General Bob Ferguson really don't represent the people you know in the in the particulars of you know the second amendment the governor tourney general calling for limiting the amount of rounds and magazine can hold banning online sales of ammunition to some people requiring further background checks and training in order to get a concealed weapons permit Seattle police officers been fired after posting vulgar and threatening political opinions on Instagram in one post The Seattle Times reports the officer seems to condone is sending mail bombs to former president Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton the post directs a profanity to those who support undocumented immigrants the Seattle police office of professional accountability tells the times the officer was let go not because of his political views but for violating the part but social media policy bowling stock drop today como's Charlie harder tells us this comes as analysts predict an announcement of a sharp drop in earnings the stock price slid two point three percent after bank of America estimated the total cost of the seven thirty seven MAX grounding to be as high as twenty billion dollars that's double the current estimate Lesley Joseph wrote the story for CNBC and tells the cable network this comes ahead of an earnings call in late January or parts of the end of the month for some investors are clearly looking from some messages from Calhoun the new CEO took over this week it looks like the charge that Boeing talk in July that wasn't the end of it these comes as congressional investigators demand more emails from Boeing about the Max development Charlie harder como new auto insurance rates in the Seattle Tacoma metro area have risen almost thirty percent over the past decade come was Eric Heinz reports that's according to an independent insurance rate comparison site the zebra zebra is Nicole back says the increase was twenty seven percent since twenty eleven and nine percent from last year car insurance is priced based on a combination of who you are where you are what you drive and how you drive the most expensive zip code in western Washington is Seattle's nine eight one one eight followed.

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