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The time i love her she's on justice with judge janine on fox news channel on the weekends she is always rocking it there and always spirited she has a brand new book that is coming out on july seventeenth it is called liar's leakers and liberals the case against the anti trump conspiracy and her name has been bandied about in the last few days as a potential to fill the upcoming vacancy for justice kennedy on the supreme court who we know is retiring very soon she's all over at all in the headlines and she's our buddy joining us now is judge janine pirro judge are yeah i'm terrific and i tell you what we've been friends for a hundred years so called well i am thrilled that you're here we love you and and so great to have you here my friend before we get to the book i gotta ask you because your name has been bandied about their a lot of people and it was funny on social media when the word came out that the justice kennedy of course is retiring after many years and now president trump gets to make another appointment a lot of people were right away going pick judge janine pirro pick you got a lot of fans out there so would you ever consider it in the chance that that came up well first of all let me say this the city of the bench and benadryl i was elected judge and the woman elected judge in the history of my county but i you know rita people talk a lot and it is certainly very very complementary but i don't believe that there's that there's any truth to any of it and as i appreciate the fact that people are very gracious and and think a great deal of me and i'll leave it at that right now i have this and i have this grateful coming out and excited about where we are in terms of the country yes if terms of you know we're where we're headed donald trump was elected president read as you and i both know have you this country was headed on a course that was far away from where we were going according to the constitution and donald trump is sworn and it would ever have thought that for someone like us better prosecutor the da that we email address the highest yes the i would actually be you know plotting to not only clear hillary clinton what to frame donald trump so you know what be you know the president of the united states and you know janine you know what i see this to like what you're talking about the peter struck emails those are so staggering to me and the new ones that just came out in the in the recent batch to some of those messages it's un it's just unconscionable that someone within those agencies would be so blatantly all we're going to stop him we're gonna do this and that that person stayed on the payroll for so long is another shocker janine well it is a shocker i believe in truth and justice believe in order i did i'm a believer and to find that at the air of a pain that they actually created a document a candidate for president to use as the basis for a warrant and the fbi and the department of justice were in on it so that they could surveillance a presidential candidate for the united states it's just it's unconscionable and not enough happening then that's why i wrote the book wires liberal now let me ask.

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