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Bility of the individual homeowner to defend his home but go ahead no and and i would read uh however currently that was the point of my call is that in certain states you are allowed to legally possess fully automatic weapons thank you for making that clear i i'm actually since i've never been interested in buying a machinegun i haven't really researched it had gino how many john carr's using to be well informed on this and i appreciate it oh i i just i don't suspect there are a great many machineguns in private hands either legally or illegally in this country and can we re that's probably a good thing let's go to frank orlando florida you're on the medved show hi mike oh hey got god bless you i hope you're in good health i am thank god uh you simple points that i wanted to make is what every single school shooter has in common the knowledge that there are no one in that school with a gun it's really no more complicated than that um i think that is the case in in all the overwhelming majority of these cases and at but in some cases there are police officers will rise very quickly and are definitely carrying guns and often will solve the problem i i don't think there's any question we had a caller on this yesterday a teacher who wanted to have the right to use his concealed carry permit her to get a used conceal perry permanent than have the right to take his legally owned a weapon with she's well trained to use on campus and frankly i don't think anyone should have a problem with that to you.

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