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Why i would say aaron rodgers you know look men he should be paid fifty million dollars year of course shown for you there's no way all of this is built a member that's a team that's publicly traded he probably should have won the nbp last year for being hurt because you showed how a with brett hollander in their for all those games just showed he's worth i mean i don't know if there's a team that could have been worse and you're right it was like both sides of the ball the whole team collapse the defense has been bad for so long as funny and i feel bad for gog aaron rogers because if you put him on a team that had half of the defense they probably went back to back super bowl i i would think you would because that's out talented he is a net sell out how just sick his throwing motion is how he throws the football froze with such ease and with great accuracy highvelocity good touch on the run in the pocket and it just like a football field could do whatever he wants on it now the backtoback four of rogers thing the exact opposite has been going on with the jets for years and years and years where they have it had one of those guys and that's the reason why the people want cousins want him and that's why the jets may go out in just totally back of the truck because they haven't had that guy and they feel like he could be that guy but it's the backup option its plan b to me that's really interesting if they don't get cousins do they go to the draft or because if you look at the other options that are out there of proven quarterbacks if you want to go that route moon is just not a lot of guys that you feel good about i mean of course case keen them teddy bridgewater whatever avid sam brandford i saw today was a pat leonard i'd same bradford to the giants as a backup quarterback i mean there's all these guys simeone's going to be available so it if you hours of power leonard is riding at about bradford's was brad version of shurmur wife zeros philadelphia shurmur now is with a minnesota was sherman shurmur loves.

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