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Even hear from. I love that. I would ask this. Mikey going into your fifteen or sixteen year. Do you still have the same love for it. And how do you challenge yourself as you get into the second half second decade almost of a head coaching career. How do you find yourself each off. Season still getting excited for that random week. Three preseason game that you got coach and gotta give the same zest that you had your one man. I think it's kind of said kind of a lot of ways throughout this conversation. But i love what i do. I loved misery. You know what people might perceive to be misery on. Nobody loves camp like the way we love camp. You know what. I mean wednesday night blitz meetings. What have you just every element of the process. i've always enjoyed and and that's the blessing i think in terms of aptitude for the job. Sure there are some things that kinda come with the job van but you know you waste a lot of time worried about that stuff man like there's so much about it that i love this challenging. That never gets old on. It never gets old because the variables change right The players the demand. You work with you know in raas earlier. And i want to reiterate we pour all about energy into the experience of men that we work with a play the game. We got so much respect for the guys. Play the game author urgency. How quickly their careers happen out. The opportunity demand earn a lifetime money in a short period of time. We've all been really highly sensitive about that and we coaching network man. I've seen multiple generations of players. Come through here. In the time. That i've been here but i don't walk around like that because The guys are.

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