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Guy um you know you can't teach what he knows what to do how he reads defense is um how we how as footwork is i mean it's just amazing um another thing i wanna make a comparison with trent taylor that guy play plays with a lot of heart attack i i compare him to remember paul hope for right how much hearty he certain comparison that's how i like to underline trend taylor maybe his skills were dormant throughout the entire year and if not a knockdown cj bathrooms just how fast garoppolo gives the ball off his impressive yeah it's amazing that can speak on behalf of all the forty nine er fans when uh when shanahan and lynched took over it was just a matter of time next year they'll be extremely competitive we're all surprised pleasantly surprised that we have our franchise quarterback up uh garoppolo you know i haven't been this excited about a quarterback sense since young was plan that's how far back we go i heard forty nine friend that's big for you to say that but i want to add to tell you this don't don't worry about to a ten right now the the record this is this the record means nothing this year the record means nothing i agree and i'm excited about the future for the forty nine ers the faithful as happy and thanks for taking my call so my day thank you very much for listening i do appreciate it i thought the best ball that garoppolo through wasn't even a complete pass a few seconds left in the first half as a third in eleven he rolled right he threw the past the george kit on the back of the end zone i believe coulda was at it was out of bounds but the the paul was beautiful so now i'm thinking negga hit weapons for garoppolo josh gordon who made his return the nfl was your strict a free agent next year well martavis bryant bone that's the one i drivers landrieu or these kinds ill available come draftday about our martavis brands of free agent in two thousand nineteen but yes with the.

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