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Our Denver 7 insider. He's presented by R O X rocks heating into air. Try good morning. What kind of grade would you give the Broncos for the first week of free agency? Well, in terms of addressing needs, I think it would be like an a minus the overall class, something I got to see, I would say probably BB plus, got to see how all these pieces fit together, but in terms of having a plan and executing it and addressing clear needs across the roster. I mean, it's just an absolutely tornado of activity. I thought there'd be a selectively aggressive. I thought they'd get one offensive line but not two. My, I'm not as high on as most, but the reality is, and I've talked with Mark about it. If he just brings stability to the physician, there's real value in that. If he's just above average in plays and for the next three years, we're not talking about the right tackle position. There's real value in that. Powers is a guy who's mobile and can pull is very strong at the point of attack. So what they did at the offensive line, I like. And Zach Allen, I just really like to fit there as much as I love very much Jones. Alan stops to run. He's got 9 and a half socks the last two years. He's obviously and when I text with fans Joseph, he can't say enough good things about the guy in the fit. So really good things and some as you that is just an absolute, if you're talking about best moves in terms of shrewd balance fantastic because he's a great third down back, he's trusted in pass pro and he can catch the ball out of the backfield. I mean, so there's a lot of things to like. We got to see all the plays out, new guys, new system and all that. But in terms of addressing needs and a overall class, I'm going to reserve judgment on a right now until I see it in training camp. Yeah, I think P Ryan's probably one of the best signings they got, and I think it's just like you said a shrewd move. Are they done? Are there other frees that they're going after right now? Well, they're not done because they could move one of the receivers between Jerry Julian Corleone Sutton. The Patriots are off the board likely with juju Schuster Smith signing there, but you've got a number of teams still looking for a receiver between the packers, browns, giants, cowboys, and they go down the list. But the price for Judy's been high. And if you want a number one, I don't know if you get that deal done. If it's a two and something else, you might and people ask, why would you move Judy? And it's tough because I think he has turned the corner, especially the last 5, 6 weeks. So the season. But Sean Payton is the one going over the film now. He knows what he wants out of these players. And if they say, if he has Peyton believes that they can get something cheaper in the draft and turn around and get some picks, especially this year, I mean, you can understand it. The Broncos right now, according to over the cap have the third highest amount of money devoted to their wide receiver room. That doesn't really work for this team. I mean, let's be honest. And they didn't even have a thousand yard receiver last year. So when you ask, why would this happen, but to your sudden much harder to move because of the contract, it's because you'd want to allocate resources differently. So are they done? I think there's a few minor boobs last year. A center falls through the market falls on a center because they bring someone like that in. I think they're going to try to adjust get a starter at guard in the draft that garter center, but I don't think they're done, Mark. But they are certainly their 9 signings in two days and four official last night. I mean, that's a lot of activity. Busy with Troy Wright Troy win courtland Sutton comes out and says in response to trade rumors I just want to go somewhere where I'm appreciated. How do you think that goes over with the new regime? And if they can't trade them, might they decide just to cut them? I mean, I wouldn't have said that if I were him, I would have kept it off social media. I mean, listen, he's been a good player on some bad teams and I understand that and he's been a captain. I mean, he's been a guy that's dealt with all this Dell of injury. So I'm sure that he's felt like he's earned that respect, but the reality is, and I know this is hard for players. When you have a new regime change, especially one is jarring as this from coach Hackett to coach Payton. You've got to be careful in terms of thinking where you stand in the organization at that point. And the reality is, since Portland set and hurt his knee, he has not been the same player. He has not. That's the stats. That's not an opinion. His two touchdowns in his last 26 games. He had at one point last year drops in 7 straight games as much as everyone wears out Jerry Judy for drops. I mean, that happened over the course of his rookie year where he was terrible with drops that hasn't really been the case since. So if I'm certain, I get it, you've been in the league for a long time now. You're a captain. You feel you deserve a certain amount of respect, but the NFL is a cold businessman. It's a sympathetic as a parking ticket. And when you have a regime change, it's just different. They see you differently, and it's very clear that they have a way they want to do things here. Be more physical, un offense. They're going to run the ball more. And that gets back to my point. If that's who they're going to be, are you going to have the third most money in the league devoted to the wide receiver position? That seems unlikely. Let me ask you a question about a guy that I think is one of the finest players in football. And a guy that I've loved to watch and CJ Gardner Johnson. Now he was with Sean Payton in New Orleans. He was a huge part of their defense in the nickel, and then he went to Philly and played a little nickel, played mostly safety in Philly last year as they traded him away. But there are some reports out there that they have interest in CJ Gardner Johnson. What are you hearing? I think there is some interest there, Mark. I haven't been able to confirm that it's like, hey, they're going after him. He made some waves on Monday night because he started following a bunch of Broncos on social media. His allegiance and affinity for Sean Payton is well known. He credits paid for kind of get him the chance to kind of launch his career and Peyton spent was critical of the saints when they let him go and traded him to the eagles. Making it fit now might be difficult. And I know the eagles are trying to bring him back. They brought sleigh back, which was a surprise. And they made that work. They brought Fletcher Cox back. They've kind of keeping the band together there to run it back a little bit. Now they've lost some dudes. We know that. But so I don't know there, but there is a potential need. We don't know what's going to happen with Kareem Jackson. And cadence turns. I like a lot, but he's coming off a hip injury where he missed most of last season. They do have a need there. Right now, given the uncertainty at the strong safety position, can they make that math work? I don't know. But I'm not going to roll it out at this point because if you look at what Peyton's done since he got here, how many times does he look for people with ties to the saints? Whether it was a coach or a player. So I don't rule it out. I just don't know if they can make the math work going forward on a contract like that. They probably could. That would be their last probably swing if they do it, but if they do, it's something to file away because of the need right now because of Gardner Johnson's connections to Payton. All right, something to watch and Troy will be covering all of it and you can follow him on Twitter at Troy rank check him out on Denver 7 as well. Troy, thank you. You got a guy to take care of great show. Troy rank of Denver 7 join

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