Donald Trump, America, John Kelly discussed on Vox's The Weeds - Can John Kelly fix the Trump administration? Can anyone?


Those are things that no chief of staff could do that make the white house dysfunctional right trump just yesterday said that he doesn't like intelligence leaks but when they're white house leaks about who's inwho's out that those are coming from people who just want to show how much they love him and he's kind of honored by that like that's a recipe for it is functional white house in it's something that has always been part of trump's management style he cultivates chaos he cultivates people warring for his attention but i think that match also getting to something really useful which has that kelly is particularly allergic to politics he really does not want to be i mean everything he said during his military career was that he never wanted to be doing the exact thing that he's doing right now and it's not clear that he's changed his mind it appears that his honor calculus requires him to be doing this job because he thinks that it's better that he do within that he not do it for the country but what that means is that trump thinks of himself as a unique political genius he thinks that because he pulled out this surprise election win that he has his finger on the pulse of real america and that no one knows better than he does what is actually going to succeed politically and it's not clear that anyone could tell him that he's wrong about that but john kelly has no not only know information but no desire to tell him that he is wrong about that because john kelly doesn't actually want to make arguments about what's going to work politically or not he's when there were all these cabinet officials who were generals are exgenerals there was this concern about military civilian relations um by.

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