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For me? Yes, because this stuff just because He brings so much offense to their offense before the ball ever gets snapped. And I found that interesting Now. I don't know. Does anybody didn't make 11? I'll start with you. Is Travis Kelsey, the best non quarterback now I don't know Bester. Most valuable, but the Most talented player non quarterback in the league. Yeah. He's the second most talented player on his own offense behind Tyree Kill, So I think that would be the third. Most talented then behind, not a quarterback. Yeah, I think I agree. Kelsey's unstoppable and whatever you think you have the chief's be. He runs into the middle of field and catches them all in front of them turns for 30 yards, but no, that's too strong statement. I'm not sure what the Baron Donald The answer. I'm not sure about that. But you know Kelsey's not number one. Why, but if you said I could start my team with Aaron Donald would Travis Kelsey I've taken Erin Donald What about Terry? Killer? Travis? Kelsey? I think Tyree kill is great. He relies on others to be to help him. Be great. I think Travis Kelsey would be great on any team. I think Tyree kill needs. Need situations where he can take advantage of them and he has and he's got you know Mahomes to help him. Kelsey is going to help out any quarterback. I think on like every down he's going to be able to help you. But you know George Kettle George Kettle is to me as good, if not more well rounded than Travis Kelsey. Kittles, a great blocker. Now, you might say, Well, what's that mean? Well, the Niners offense, it means everything. Kittle has that speed to beat you. Deep s Oh, I don't think it's Travis Kelsey is the best non quarterback in the league. No, he could be in the conversation, but no, I don't. I don't see that. Yeah, I'm gonna spice things up a little Dan. I'm gonna offer you Erin Donald in George Kittle. You could be signing both them or Travis Kelsey and Myles Garrett. Package deals. I will take Erin Donald and George Kittle. Erin. Donald, is there every play Myles Garrett shows up. And he can be, you know, an impact player. He's not like Jadeveon Clowney. He's a better player. Um, but I You know, George Kittle to me is on equal footing with Travis Kelsey. And that's pretty high. I mean, that's high. Praise that they're you know, Toto. But Aaron Donald's is just different. There's nobody in football like him. No. One To lead the league in sacks as a defensive tackle. Mean? That doesn't happen. And he's double teamed every game. Now, Erin Donald to me is the not assed far as non quarterbacks, the best player In football, most valuable player in football and in my opinion. In my astute opinion, Of course, Jesse in Los Angeles. A Jess, What do you have for me? 30 P M. But A thinker. I think I have a solution for you with the Todd situation and I have a comment on the great Bill Walton. Okay, Bye. Solution. My solution. Hey, is, uh You know, I'm sorry to bring it up because it makes you uncomfortable. But every time you get a break, just drop the cone of silence on him and sneak past it. Um, but my my comment on the great Bill Walton, who is a national treasure, and if you see a legend I thought I didn't give you my commentary from my favorite commentary piece from him and that is Pacers versus Lakers 2000 NBA Finals. Um, shack is dominating. He's averaging like 38 per game and obliterated Rik Smits in the pot in the process, who also happens to be Dutch and Bill yells out. This guy can't guard shock. It's like he's trying to defend the malware and wouldn't shoes out there. Thank you, Jesse. Um, I put the cone of silence down on Todd. You really mean funny? I know it's such a great angle from from this vantage point, too, because all you could see is the material. Why nobody freaks out. Can't breathe. Can't breathe. Gets, like, feel the walls closing. I know I just like that. I just wanted to see if it worked. It's stuck in the elevator. I just wanted to see if it worked. By the way, there was a football game yesterday and I enjoyed it. It was far more entertaining than I thought it was going to be far more competitive. I think that's probably because the Steelers dropped a lot of balls there. And I root for our G three because of what he once was, and he's never going to get there again. He got hurt yesterday again. He wants to be a pocket passer, but you've got to put in the time to become a pocket passer because he's not a guy who's going to be able to be a consistency consistently with his legs. He's just not And you know, trace McSorley is probably a better quarterback than RG three. He's the third string quarterback there. What I wanted. I was hoping that he would have a couple of plays because he did that that rookie year. That was different. That was he was Lamar Jackson before Lamar Jackson. He was Cuyler Murray before Cuyler Murray. Here is Mike Tomlin, the Steelers head coach after the victory. Be bluntly honest man. I'm really disappointed, not performance. Tonight. We did enough to win, but that's all it was really junior varsity. To be quite honest with you on it was in all three phases. Couldn't run the ball effectively. When we needed to. We drop too many significant passes. Very catchable, make a bolt passes. We didn't make significant plays and the special teams game kickoff coverage unit wasn't good enough. We turn the damn ball over. Is good toe to proceed with the victory acknowledge that but not a lot happened tonight to be proud of which will be excited about other than that. The Steelers are the 13th team in the Super Bowl era to start at 11 0 of the previous 12. Nine reached the Super Bowl. Five won it No, A F C team.

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