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Is completely clean slate and have something really fun and capture this spirit. Really, the only genuinely could film in the fun size. I would I would wait you. That's a bold statement. It's supposed saints. The first one five right in the rest, some are in three two and three. I think Vinci's the the meal magician here in a way. I mean, he wasn't vote with four which role Marshall and five which was going. You'll come running SPN Sandberg. Thank you. Just think for ski brought some some real visual flair two to three which are bunkers, but. Yeah. Elliot stories they saw a captain Jack very much as a as a sort of Figaro characters so sort of trickster character. And that was the archetype they were going for when it worked brilliantly. But if everybody was a trickster, which is essentially this the point we got to buy the third film. It just got confusing. I find and so I feel like if you're going to have a that's fine. But then you need some straight arrows for him trick or her and there were no straight IRAs anymore. Everybody was bent as it were. It's a thing thing until it becomes more of a solid thing despair. Too much precisely. Yeah. Other good writers. We shall see. We shall see anything else. New trailer today for from coal pursuits. Then if you've heard about it. So there was a film in two thousand fourteen called in order of disappearance was drafted by Hans Petter Moland, and he's now directing a remake of his own film, and this is an English language remake. So. The film had Stephens thaws. God's playing Neal's Dickman goes on revenge for the death of his son and Liam Niessen is playing Nells cokes Mun, really. I'm I'm not not making making this this up. up. Given the news dick rumors about big limb. Cokes Mun pretty much on the nose by knows. I mean, the one that is. You can see Chris generally wiggling, his eyebrows right now. Staring at me again. There's just a lot to unpack that name isn't there? There's a lot if I just call them kneels the tripod. It's another Liam Niessen. You know goes on the rampage sort of maybe, but maybe a bit lighter. And also he's in a snowplow. Particular set of snowplough skills..

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