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Sort of reception have you gotten a received how much what kind of reception have you received from your colleagues but other Ivy League people when they hear you recommending that people look at the Bible for business advice and for wisdom? I mean as gone over. Well have people booed. How's it going? Well for starters I frame it a little differently. The article the newspaper articles for this is not how I would describe what I do. So I I look at I'm really interested in wisdom and guidance for life and if that comes from a scientist great if it comes from an artist or poet great if it comes from the Bible great so all truth is truth in my view and and I think many people will say the embrace that idea that That all truth is God's truth regardless of the source so the reason I think this is landed. Well is that that. I'm taking a wider view of the question. What is your relationship like with Philip Morris? International did they did. They have some sort of involvement in underwriting. Your study or walk us through that That that relationship yeah. We'll very simple First of all I'm private about discussions I had with any client. Whatever consulting work. I do As this was a published paper you on the frontier could've put note that This is my independent work with my colleague. Michael Tait that we call through but we were completely independent. What we wrote and by the way the paper isn't about them it's about could be any organization it can be Boeing Who's having some challenges this past year it could be wells Fargo Bank who are still having challenges It could be governmental body. It could be the church. It could be a university so it's written for generically organizations and and I acknowledge up front so that there's that I received compensation to write the paper Just as full disclosure as an episode to me. That's just it's just the right thing to do but I do make clear that the opinions are not that of my university. Not that of the client there. What my colleague and I there are opinions based on our research. Well I have. I have a lot of questions for him. I know doctors. He's GonNa wind up me here. Dr Z. We have on on the phone here. We have a Dr Miller is a guy who knows clearly a lot about how to gain trust within your organization. You have hundreds of employees there you work with and I think sometimes you kind of get can kind of take the high level concepts break down sometimes to the very simple man like myself z? What questions do you have on behalf of all the simple people like me out there that are maybe going? How can I apply this to my life? I you know I can only say one thing. I gotTA. I gotTA say they're clerk of. I actually have family that hails from Tulsa yes. I think you're dumb as a Fox when you say sample people. I know how that works. I'm I'm staying alert here. Standing on his toes he probably drinking energy drinks right before this. I think I mean. He's helped me out doctors. He helped me out. What's up. Well I you. What so. This shows really geared for entrepreneurs business owners guys gals that want to start or have started a business and one of the things that I think happens is trust with a patient or a customer breaks down because one of your employees drops the ball your concept dummy it down maybe a little bit for the guy listing out there that has a chiropractic office and he has an irate patient and he's trying to teach his employees how to gain their trust. Try to walk them off. The Ledge or he himself has been called into. It is faced with the patient. That's just a dentist. Irate patient guy that has a tire shop I mean. Someone's out there and they are. They're swinging Haymakers Adam. Right verbally mentally physically walked in through some steps just some quick easy like simple steps of how they can get control the situation and regain trust and maybe turn that ship around turned dude or do walk through that. Dr. Yeah so there's no formula but but that always work every which would here a couple of quick things I would say. I make sure you're listening carefully and Hearing what their complaint is And if you're a really good listener often the presenting problem in other words. What they're screaming at you about may not be the real problem that might be a symptom might the An outcome of an underlying problem. So if you're really good. Listen to what they're saying and what they might actually be meaning but because they're are so angry. They may not have the composure or the the skilled actually articulate what they're upset about so that's maybe the first thing Actually maybe before that is if you think of the whole fight or flight reaction that we have as human beings all your your Stops flowing and more you. You gotta like control yourself and make sure you don't Out of defensiveness or or hurt or angry License sort of lose your temper and start drifting into them or or blaming blaming a hold on to roll here. Sorry Dr David. There is e. Was David Okay Dave. He was scalding is because he remembers the last time my accosted customer about fifteen years ago with a megaphone for filing a complaint. That was bad phone. Don't don't buster and a half. Remember that moment I remember. It was like yesterday I remember. It was just a couple of seconds ago. Actually I'm sorry about okay. David continue continue on. I'm sorry for the roof. Megaphone interruption transmitter. Yeah I mean th so they try to get some logistics left him though and there's no technique it's simple assistant isn't in the paper kind of common sense to say. Let me see if I hear you right. You're saying the following is that correct so they can Lisa someone finally heard. We are now still. Don't have it right so you might you know. Take a moment to do that. And so then with. That person knows they've been heard so they might simmer down a little bit And then you kind of have to real quickly on the spot figure out Did I is the person right and like oh my gosh. I'm not proud to that And you might begin to say well. This is really the case. The courses needs to be fixed up. I'm not proud to hear it. I'm really glad you told me during Based on Hell Simpler Complex. It is you might. Then you could say let me look into this and come back with an update. An answer But there in sometimes when the complainant shall we call him or her. It's just wrong that they're noxious or they're a liar or trying to scam me or something or and that's trickier when when you have someone who's whether in good faith bad safe inaccurate and what they're describing and that's that's a trickier one. Yeah and you'd vice on that one that nefarious actions of somebody in the anything. You can eat a little little little gum ball little pearl you can throw away. Yeah haven't called DR Z. Now there you go good. He answered that Mega..

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