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When rose opened do a house who's totally silent and downstairs old in darkness. If lifted switch. No light in a panic. She ran up the says here. There was darkness to dim. Lights came from the children's rooms when she went into c- tich rose discover the source of the subdued light. Mr cogan was there reading. Kim allowed her daughter. By the flicker to candles is a high monotonous. Like voice which it seemed that she entered mysteriously to come from somewhere in the ceiling ceased so rose despite the dim light he was still wearing his is shade ave you are at last night there. He said graciously to rose then. I will bit tire as the as everything. Being alright. rose hoped that the nervousness disliking have voice with notice audible to him as they seem to her right. Because it could be you. Mr cogan declared with greater gaiety. He added judiciously bad. I believe you'll do. There is not very used to men. My husband died when she was only three. I see that explains it. Too long ago is side. Might i ask the. Did your husband leave here when he was alive in this house. No we moved here after his death to buy. He seemed disappointed. I was asking the children about him. He took a staff the strong sweet send of whiskey harrow. Oil was released rose long for him to be gone. She could see what seemed to have escaped. Mr cogan notice under the eye shade in the dim light. The tench was in a silent. Agony terrified is that minded any minute reach screaming pitch. Well goodnight mr kobe. Thank you so much. And as soon left the room and she heard his own door shut behind him lamb. What's the matter flowness of quivering mother's arms. He's horrible. i couldn't understand a single word. He said no the word. He's voices so strange. It seemed to come from the roof and he smells all whole. Please don't let him come in here anymore. No of course. I won't let stinking hot rose wanted how this was to be achieved without moti offending mr colgate. She suspected he might be a very touchy man as soon as she could detach yourself from the panic. Tich rose went to visit bob..

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